Northwestern/Kellogg Essay Analysis

Essay 1: MBA Program applicants – Briefly assess your career progress to date. Elaborate on your future career plans and your motivation for pursuing an MBA.

We’ve analyzed versions of this question a dozen times, and even this exact one… still, it doesn’t hurt to add some flesh to previous analysis. Before we launch, what’s the purpose of a question like this? Is it to get to know the applicant? Sort of. Is it to be impressed by an ambitious and cool-sounding career goal? Sort of. It’s kind of those things, but mostly… not.

At the end of this essay, the reader is hoping to say the following: “Yep, this kid’s gonna be wildly successful.”

That is the “winning response.” It is the prize. You can have a boring as hell GOAL, and if your reader says the above phrase, you’ve just won. You can have a perfectly average, sparkle-free reason for pursuing an MBA, and if the reader utters the above phrase, you’ve still won. The goal is to exude near-guaranteeable future success. High high high earning prospects. Ability to land a job post MBA. Ability to parley a successful career—ANY CAREER—post MBA. Success, success, success… they want to know that you are going to be successful with or without an MBA, and they want to RIDE that success and attach their name to your LinkedIn profile for all the world to see. They want to world to see that the “successful CEO of blah” went to Kellogg. So, okay, you get it, you have to prove that you’re gonna be successful. How do you do it?

As we’ve said time and again, past success is the BEST predictor of future potential. So, whatever your future goals, if you’re able to demonstrate prior success in that field, you are taking a step in the right direction. If there is no quick and easy way to match up your past experience to your future goals, you will still want to find a LINK that makes the jump from A (past work experience) to B (new career path)… absolutely comprehensible.

So let’s get into it. Let’s look at that word “assess.” To assess is to evaluate or measure in some way. It doesn’t say “recount” or “relay.” Then you could just walk us through your resume point for point. No, sir. Assess means that at each milestone node that is RELEVANT to this essay (we’ll get there in a sec), you need to evaluate its importance with respect to your future goals. How did that first job trigger your ultimate career goal? Or how did that first job turn you off from A but onto B? We want a dynamic story here that shows how something from moment A in your life LED to moment B. Why did you choose job #2 at XXX company? Why not YYY company? Why not ZZZ position at YYY company? Explain the chronology… by “assessing” the career progress AGAINST your future goals.

This brings us to the importance of establishing your ultimate goals… first. Without a roadmap, the chronology is without context. When something lacks context, it ends up being mostly meaningless to the reader. Why am I reading about your first job as a banker at HSBC leading a team in XXX project blablabla. If I knew you were going to take over your family business in light bulb manufacturing, then I’m VERY interested to see how your job as a banker at HSBC would ultimately circle you BACK to wanting an MBA, and how your experiences will lead to positioning yourself as a fierce future CEO of the business, etc. Context. Context is king.

Lead off with a HIGH-LEVEL snapshot of where it’s headed. Give us a teaser. No details. No path, yet. Just a sense of what turns you on, where you wanna be, how you see the world in thirty years, etc. Just a frame about the painting.

THEN take us on the career journey showing us how it’s all leading up to THAT vision that we now have a handle on. This will segue into a more fully fleshed out career plan section, where you lay out the short term and long term goals. Now, 90% of applicants swing and miss here in a big way. Remember, we aren’t interested in your actual plan. All it needs to be… is exceedingly LOGICAL. A logical plan is an achievable one. That means “successful.”

As you walk through the plan, show off how well you’ve thought through everything. Don’t be general. Grill yourself. Imagine you’re trying to poke holes in it. Consider the bad economy. Maybe the path you’ve laid out is doable, but TOUGH. Prove to us that you’ve thought it all through, and walk us through why YOUR plan is bulletproof. Seriously folks, make THAT argument. Don’t just give us the plan, give us the plan PLUS why the plan cannot possibly fail. OR… provide alternative courses of action to demonstrate that you are  a realist, and if something were to not materialize, you are prepared to switch lanes and plow forward some other (exceedingly logical) way. Show us the determination through an absolutely well-researched plan.

How to research it? Honestly, that’s something only you can know. Talk to higher-ups in your organization. Folks who’ve “done it.” Find out what they did. Reference it in your argument. Do whatever you need to do to prove that your plan will work. As we always say, think of it as an investment that we’re making in YOU. Make us feel like we don’t have risk. Show us where our money is going. Put our minds at ease. The most fleshed out your plan, the better I’m gonna feel. Imagine I gave you a million dollars to invest and your plan was “Ahh don’t worry about it I’ll figure it out.” Not so confidence-inspiring. Show me a frickin pie-chart, show me EXACTLY where every cent goes. Tell me what happens in a down market. Tell me what happens if France invades Greece. Tell me what happens if there’s a typhoon in Indonesia. I wanna know that whatever happens, you’re on TOP of it.

This sense of confidence comes from a plan that has internal LOGIC. It works not because you made it work, but because it just frickin makes sense. If your plan doesn’t make sense… you may need to speak with someone with some experience to help you fashion a bulletproof path forward. And if that doesn’t work, we hate to say it, but you may just need to present a new plan altogether.

The motivation for pursuing an MBA can’t feel desperate. The ITCH can feel…. urgent. But you can’t come across as someone who’s doomed to stagnate or fail UNLESS you get an MBA. That isn’t the guy whose success is written in the stars. The successful guy doesn’t realllllly need an MBA. It’s gonna help him blablabla, but he was gonna be successful no matter what. THAT’S the guy an MBA program wants. Again, it’s low risk.

The guy who says, “if I don’t get an MBA, I’m not gonna make it in life!” is a RED FLAG. So, be urgent, but not desperate, cool?

Now, explain how much BETTER your inevitable success will BE…. with…. an MBA. Explain it. Here’s what’s gonna happen without = Great. Here’s what’s gonna happen WITH an MBA = FRICKIN INCREDIBLE. Show em both to us. Let us SEE the difference with our own eyes.

• Opening assault on our senses, snapshot of vision – 75–100 words

• Career Progress – 225 words

• Goals – 175

• Why MBA (now) – 100-125 words

Essay 2: Describe your key leadership experiences and evaluate what leadership areas you hope to develop through your MBA experiences (600 word limit).

Most folks spend 574 words on the leadership experiences, and then burn 26 lousy words as an afterthought on the “areas you hope to develop” aspect. Let’s bring this sucker into balance. 450/150, if not 400/200.

To understand why we wanna redress the balance a bit, let’s figure out what they want here. As usual, they wanna know that you’re gonna be successful, pure and simple. How to measure? Why, past experience, of course. And what better way than through leadership examples. This is huge. Solid leadership examples. The best examples tend to be people-leadership, but if it’s something like logistics, large-scale operational leadership stories, they’ll suffice. Anything that shows you in command, calling the shots. Taking charge. Enacting. Delegating. Inspiring. “Leading.”

Better to have a few GREAT leadership stories, than a series of weak ones. If you have more experiences than can be captured here, you can allude to that even. But focus on the two best ones. Three if you get and out of each with incredible detail… FAST. Two tends to be a strong, logical choice. So, figure 150 or so for each one, if you have an intro paragraphs that runs approximately 75 words or so.

In 150 words, the way to NAIL a leadership story is not to tell us what you led, but HOW you led it. What were your actions? How did you make decisions? Paint a picture of your style. Present the challenges in your way, then show us how you dealt with them. Set up the pins, and then knock ‘em down. Put us in the MIDDLE of the action. Don’t get ahead of yourself and tell it to us with all the hindsight knowledge. Tell it to us almost in “real time.” If you were confused, make us feel confused WITH you. If you had a breakthrough realization, walk us THROUGH that moment. Bring us into “the moment.” 150 words is more than enough. Remember, don’t impress us with the facts alone. Impress with the way your leadership style LED to your success.

For the second part, consider your future goals. Don’t just talk about skills you’d like to develop in the abstract. That doesn’t really tell us much. Come it in a more practical way. Revisit your future goals, consider the leadership skills you’ll need to be UNUSUALLY successful in that role. Are you there yet? If so…. why do you need an MBA? Presumably, there is at least one THING you can stand to develop, nurture, feed, etc. in the leadership department. Identify what that is, and explain why you want to develop it… with respect to your future goal. See the difference? Now you have context. Now you can say, once I develop Skill XX, I will be THAT MUCH MORE successful, or guaranteed to be successful in endeavor YY.

Essay 3: Assume you are evaluating your application from the perspective of a student member of the Kellogg Admissions Committee. Why would you and your peers select you for admission, and what impact would you make as a member of the Kellogg community? (600 word limit).

Another squandered opportunity often times. Why? Because not everyone is comfortable taking a risk. Now, in order to answer this question, you need to pretend you’re actually a committee member writing about yourself in the third person. You can, I guess, but unless it’s super compelling, it can sometimes come across a bit cheesy. A well argued “straight” essay will beat out the gimmicky one that is lacking in substance.

Now then. What happens when you put on this magical hat and assume the perspective of a Kellogg STUDENT? Remember, this is what a STUDENT thinks. A kid who may be YOUNGER than you, or the same age, or at most, a few years older. Not a blue-haired, crinkly, professor-type. A kid.

The answer is simple. They want someone who’s coooool. Someone with a neat background. Someone they wanna hang out with. Someone they… may wanna go into business with. If you seemed wholly obsessed with yourself and your career, you’re not gonna be that guy. If you seem like someone who has proven synergy in groups, seems to be a part of things like sports or club or communal activities, etc… you’re gonna seem like someone who may add value to a COMMUNITY.

Let’s talk about “community.” Think about a neighborhood. 10 houses. Families that all know each other. Kids have gotten to know each other and play together. During holidays, there’s an open door policy where neighbors will join others for dinner, etc, etc. One day, one of the families MOVES, and there’s an empty house. New potential neighbors are bidding for the house and the existing families wait in eager anticipation to see who it’s gonna be…. who’s gonna be our new neighbor?!

What are they hoping for? What’s the WORST kind of neighbor imaginable?

A noisemaker
Someone who is so quiet, it’s almost…. suspicious
Someone who’s greedy?

What’s an ideal neighbor?

Someone who…. contributes
Someone who……… adds value—SOMEHOW

It’s pretty open-ended. But do you see where it’s headed? The ideal new community member is gonna ADD something. This is the thing to capture. What are you gonna add?

Are you the guy who walks into the room and everyone starts to relax? Are you the guy who inspires a room to do super new and unusual and cool things? Are you the guy who’s gonna start up a club no one’s ever heard of? Are you the guy who’s gonna floor people with your experiences as a pig farmer? All of these are valuable things. This is absolutely 100% a question to poll others on. Ask them, “is this cool”? Ask us, ask your friends, ask whomever. But make sure you ask people who have the sand to say “nope, this is decidedly uncool—what else you got?”

One trick we’re big fans of is putting it in terms of things YOU’D look for in someone else, and WHY. And then show how you fit that profile similarly. It’s a simple, great trick to help focus what could be a very difficult and open-ended question. Give it a shot; try FIRST answering it with respect to what would YOU look for in a new Kellogg student? Make a list, give some short descriptions. Then go through that list and pick three things that YOU actually relate to, and explain how YOU will bring those things to the Kellogg community.

Got it? Good.
Still need a little more? We got you covered right here.

Essay 4: Complete one of the following three questions or statements. (400 word limit)
Re-applicants have the option to answer a question from this grouping, but this is not required.

a)     Describe a time you had to inspire a reluctant individual or group…

The key word here is “reluctant.” Without a reluctant other person or group, this essay is dead in the water. Why? Because what we’re looking for here is how you changed reluctant to believer. If your idea is great and your audience buys it immediately, you don’t need to be a great leader in order to execute. It’s the room of naysayers that exposes the truly gifted leaders. Because he’s the guy that’s gonna INSPIRE that room, and win them over through……….. “leadership.”

Set this one up. Spend 100 words setting up the RELUCTANCE. Show us what you were up against, and why you had every reason in the world to fail. Then walk us through the “what you did” aspect. 200 words. Show us how, step by step, you earned their buy-in. Don’t just tell us THAT you did; show us what maneuvers, what decisions, what risks, what actions LED to it. In the final 100 words, reflect on what you believe to be the “take home” point. What was it you learned? What was it you understood about leadership? What would you improve? What will you do next time? Where did you make errors? Etc. Reflect, wrap up.

b)    People may be surprised to learn that I…

This should be as far away from “safe” as imaginable. The absolute WOOOOORST thing you can do here is copy and paste an essay from another school and thinly mask it as a “people will be surprised to learn that I” essay. Unless you can HONESTLY fill in those blanks with a pre-written answer, please, for the love of god, spend the thirty minutes to fire up a legitimately cool, fresh new response. Thirty minutes. Consider it a dare.

This one has to have “fizz.” It has to be frickin bizarre, and cool, and unusual. If it isn’t, it’ll be just disappointing. If it doesn’t surprise the reader immediately, you’ve lost the battle outright. “People will be surprised to learn that I saved ten women and children from a burning building… with a broken leg.”

“People will be surprised to learn that I became the CEO of XXX company, a YYY million dollar enterprise, at age 17.”

“People will be surprised to learn that I know how to use a grapple hook better than Batman.”

I dunno, give us something that makes us go, “Wait, did I just read that correctly?”

“Surprise” does not mean impress. It means, “wwhhhhaaaaaaaaa?” It has to make us blink and read the thing twice. Be outrageous. Be silly. Be witty. Be chancy. Back it up with something cool that will add value to your future successful businessman self, of course, but… surprise us.

This one simply requires gut-wrenchingly honest feedback. It’s easy to assume something’s unique and cool and surprising, when in fact, we see dozens upon dozens of the saaame response. Hard to believe, but true.

c)     The riskiest personal or professional decision I ever made was…

To crush this essay, you need to understand and appreciate the definition of “risk.” At the most basic level, risk requires the potentially for grave… LOSS. Not upside… LOSS.

If someone said to me okay man, I’m gonna flip a coin. If it’s heads, you get to go on a date with Monica Bellucci, and you’ll be forced to kiss her. If it’s tails, you get to go on a date with Carmen Electra and you’ll be forced to kiss her. Guess what. I’m gonna take that bet, and fare pretty damn well no matter how it turns out. In other words, there is NOTHING but upside. Sure it could be a stakes of a bet, but without the potentiality for loss, it isn’t really “risk.”

If, however you said if it’s heads, you get to kiss BOTH Monica Bellucci AND Carmen Electra… but if it’s tails, you will lose $500,000. Um, now I’m not so sure I’m gonna make that wager. That’s a lot of money to lose. Some folks, some very lonely folks, might make take on that RISK.

Can you identify a time when you had something extraordinary to LOSE? This could be either personal or professional. The key isn’t which one, it’s when were the stakes the highest?

Now, you gotta navigate through the DECISION-PROCESS throughout that experience. This is the thing we wanna know about. Frankly, we don’t care much about the situation, nor do we really care about the outcome. In fact, those are largely irrelevant. What we care about is the moment of truth where you showed your true colors DURING the experience.

100 for setup. 200 for the meat of the process. The “what you did and why.” And finally another 100 for assessing it. Was it worth it? Would you do it again? Why yes? Why no? What did you learn about yourself in that moment? How is any of this relevant to how you see you future unfolding? (You don’t need to make a direct link to your future career goals, but it can help to see how the overall picture will start to stitch together, from various aspects of your life, including this one.)

Benefits of Microcredit
What is microcredit? The term micro means small and the microcredit means a small loan. Normally, for applying a loan in a bank we require steady employment, collateral security and a verifiable credit history. The bankers would grant a loan after verifying all the above. But, there are some people who could not satisfy the above conditions due to unemployment and poor living conditions. Microcredit offers financial assistance to the poor persons. In the developing countries, the microcredit is gaining popularity.
Microcredit gives a way for the persons below poverty line to engage in self employment projects which helps them for their livelihood. The microcredit takes parts in the economic growth of the country. Since small amount only granted as loan, the persons who obtained loan repay it sincerely. The second loan may also be granted to those who repay the first loan within the time limit. The over borrowing is not allowed in microcredit.
In village, the women join in group and obtain microcredit. They start a small business and to meet the needs for funds to buy raw materials or tools they avail microcredit. The village women could not do any business individually. If they join in a group they gain confidence and the educated person in the group would manage accounts. The low income group women now show much interest in doing small business to earn their livelihood. They join in a group and start business projects by obtaining microcredit. Since there is commitment for repayment, they work hard to develop the business and repay the loan. When the women work in a group, the group leader would give a guarantee for the loan proposed to commence a new business.
The poor entrepreneurs and low income people are the target for microcredit. The loan is granted for income generation, for health and education purpose and developing business activities in villages. The terms and conditions for microcredit are simple and suited to the local conditions of the villagers. It is a way for driving poverty from the country. As all persons could not approach lending institutions to borrow money at bank rates to start business, the microcredit is really a boon to them.
In villages the poor village people were suffering a lot with village moneylenders. Since microcredit relieved them from the bondage, they are indeed happy. The social and economic conditions have been improved in villages because of the introduction of microcredit. They move out to nearby town for marketing the product and earn money. So, they get an exposure to the outer world. They produce milk products, village crafts, home made snack foods, do trading of groceries and textiles.
The economic development is watched by seeing the number of loans granted, number and amount repayment and the time limit taken by borrowers for repayment. Definitely, there is progress in microcredit activities. Since the fundamental problem of poverty is solved by giving microcredit, the villagers could use this an opportunity to come up in life. The media and social welfare organizations should teach them and help them to get education about the benefits of microcredit. The economic prosperity of the country would improve, if we use microcredit as a ladder of success in the financial growth of the country.

Financial Journey
Everybody knows the importance of money. Money is required for leading our life from birth to death. We should perform the financial journey without any conflict. We have to make plans well in advance, as soon as we start earning. From the young age we should know the value of money and should not spend it unnecessarily. We have to keep goals in our life to earn and save money for our future.
All the family members should take part in the financial journey and have a shared vision for the future. They should sit and discuss the plans, experiences, thoughts, ways to save money and curtail expenditure. We should know to limit our expenses but should not be stingy for spending for the essential needs. There is no use in saving money cutting our basic needs. We have to enjoy everything in life, whatever the money could buy. If we save money in the young age, we could spend the retired life peacefully.
We could practice leading of simple life. It is really a fun also. We could remain simple, in our thought and action. Will gorgeous things and costly items give long lasting pleasure to us. If we have contentment with what we have already, we could save money for the future. In the future anything may happen. We may not be able to work or we may have some medical problems. We have to be cautious in thinking about the future needs.
If there is a possibility for earning extra money, we should not leave the chance. We should be ready to sacrifice our leisure time for earning more money. We should not hesitate to work hard to earn more money. We should develop positive thoughts in mind and try to approach anything with a smile. When the result is negative we have to accept the fate. We should outlet the emotions of anger, sorrow and unhappiness to our dear ones and ease our feelings. We should not carry forward the same feelings for another day or to another person. If one approach ends in failure after putting much efforts, we should take it as a lesson and mend our mind to be careful in future. It is just a speed breaker in our financial journey. The speed breaker helps to control our journey and not to stop our journey.
We should not bother about the people who are richer than us or ignore the people who are poorer than us. It is a stage in life. That’s all. We should teach our children to spend money cautiously. We should share all the money dealings of the family to the children. The children should know the details of our assets and liabilities.
We should take the help of the financial planners if we are not thorough in planning. He will advice us to make investment in share market, mutual fund, real estate and insurance. We may require money for the education and marriage of our children and medical expenses of the family members. For sometime we should take steps to grow the money we have and after some years the money should grow by itself and yield more money. We should plan in such a way to achieve this goal.
In India the housewives used to save money without the notice of others, which they would spend for an emergency need in the family. If we get a hike in salary, it doesn’t mean that we could spend more; we have to save more. That is the indication. We could sell the unwanted things at home and get some money, because if we keep the things for a long time, the value may come down. Some people save a percentage of their income every month. That ‘s also good. The financial security is very much important for everybody and they should not depend on others at any cost. We should not go for loan as for as possible, as the interest we pay will be much more. We should have the mind to help the poor people whenever we get a chance. Just like medical check up for the body, the financial check up is necessary for a happy life. So, gear up and start well the financial journey.

Duties of children

Duties of children
The childhood days are filled with pleasure and passions. The children have some duties to be performed which they have to cultivate from the young age. The parents have got the duties of brining up the child in the right way and teaching all the good things in life. Similarly, the children should understand their responsibility and act with conscious to perform their duties correctly.
Let us see, one by one, the prime duties of children. First, the children should love their parents. Of course, it is natural feeling. But, the children could express the feeing of love in many ways to keep the parents delighted. The parents treated the happiness of the child as their happiness and the sorrow the child as their sorrow. The child should not forget this and in return, show the unconditional love towards the parents.
The children should learn to respect the parents. In some houses, we see that when the children are grown up, just treat the home as a lodge. They won’t see the faces of the parents and talk anything. Even if they come to him for talking, he won’t listen. That is not fair. The parents are equal to God. The child should give respect to his parents and treat them in the right manner.
Next, the children should honor the parents. The child should honour the thoughts, words and behavior of the parents. The behavior of the child should be very polite, while moving with parents. The child should not have the habit of criticizing them for their ignorance, innocence or unawareness. He should understand and teach them what they don’t know.
The children should obey the parents. When they ask the child to do something, he should do it immediately. If they are pleased and bless the child, the child would get all the pleasures in life. He should argue or quarrel with them. If the child feels that he could do a thing in a better way than suggested by his parents, he should try to convince them and accept it. Otherwise, simply obey them is good.
Some children are not happy with the wealth of their parents. All the time they would be regretting for the inability of the parents for not earning more wealth. The child should be content with what the parents have left for him. He could increase the wealth, by his hard work and earn more wealth. He should be happy that his parents have brought up him, to earn a decent livelihood.
When the child is ill, the parents would sit the bedside of the child day and night and look after him. The children should not forget this and they should show the same love and affection when they are ill. In some families, we see that the children would not take care when the parents are ill. Moreover, they won’t have the mind to spend money for them. It is really wrong.
The choice of parents in choosing the right education and job would be helpful for the future of the child. There is nothing wrong in consulting them. In choosing the life partner also, the parents know better than the child, in finding a suitable life partner. The qualities and the family background of the life partner are more important than the outer beauty. The parents judge all the things required for the life correctly, because of the experience they have got.
The children should fulfill the desires of the parents. He should ask them frequently what they need. Sometimes, he may have to understand it by their gestures. The child should be the follower of his parents in all activities. The child should inherit the family values from the parents.

Balancing work and personal life
Many people want to lead a happy life. They want to spend more time for the family. But they could not quit their jobs. Since they need money and they want to stand on their own legs, they continue in job, however tough it may be. We have to give enough attention to personal life as well as for our career. How to balance work and personal life? When we become tired and unhappy we lose the balance. How to bring back the balance once again?
We should make the working environment more enjoyable. We have to choose the right employer under whom we could work peacefully. We should be ready to do hard work at office. We should be ready to do late sitting for finishing the time bound jobs. The newly married couple may opt for morning shift so that they could spend their evenings with the family. But for some people, it may not be possible and they may have to work in the night shift also. But, when we have job satisfaction and good salary, we should make proper modification in our personal life. The family members should cooperate well with the persons who work in shifts.
Some people may be having regular working hours from morning to evening. In the mornings, they have to finish all the work at home and rush to office in time. In the evening they would be reaching home after making a tiresome journey and immediately, they have to move to kitchen to prepare dinner and attend other household works. In many families, the working women have to take care of children and elders at home. They lead a mechanical life and they have got little time to spare for them. For them balancing work and personal life is really a problem.
Many people get health problems if they fail to balance work and personal life. Due to mental stress, they could not attend their routine works properly. Many times they skip food and sleep. They are worrying always and loosing pleasure in normal life. They definitely need a change in life. The family members should take special care of these people and find out the cause for the depression. If the work at office is tough and they could not manage, they could be advised to seek another job with less burden and quit the old one. The family members should compensate for the money loss due to this arrangement. If they could not leave the job, and it is essential to continue or finding a new job is not at all easy means the family members should share all the household works and relieve them from the worries of the family so that they could concentrate on their office work alone.
It is a common phenomenon that the doctors and nurses have to work on all shifts. The family members should understand them well and give full support. Even though we may spend little time with our family we should make use of the time effectively for doing good things to the family. We have to allot time to relax and go out with our family members. While coming out of the office, we have to leave all the office worries there itself and should not bring it to home. At the same time, the family problems should not affect our office work. The secret of balancing work and personal life lies in our approach only.
Sometimes we may have to give more concentration to office work and we may not be able to attend functions in our friends’ family or attend the family members when they are sick. The friends and family members should not find fault with us for our absence. Doing everything in a perfect manner is impossible for any person. So the negative feelings such as sadness, fear, anger, helplessness and depression should not spoil our mood in family as well as at office. We could discuss freely to our near and dear ones regarding the family problems and with employer and colleagues regarding the office problems. Sharing emotions would help us to solve many problems.
Some people feel that nobody is volunteering to do any help to them. Others may not be aware of our problems. If we express freely, they may come to our rescue. We should not set unrealistic goals and try hard to achieve them. Doing more of anything will not yield good result. By overdoing, we will lose our energy and balance. Balance means adjustment. We should be ready to make adjustments with anybody or anything to achieve success. We should care for our body and mind. We have to take balanced diet and have good sleep. Doing meditation and yoga gives mental strength to balance many things in life. We have to take rest and cultivate some hobbies. Being over disciplined may cause troubles. So, balancing work and personal life is possible if we have positive thoughts in mind.

Best qualities of a bride

Best qualities of a bride
Dream girl : Everybody has got a dream about the would be life partner. Normally, the boys like to have the homely girls as their life partners. The girl should live happily with the boy life long, without any dispute. She should take part in all activities of the family. She comes from a different family but becomes part of the boy’s family. The boy should admire her, love her, accept her and share everything with her.
How a bride should be ? The bride should be patient. She should love everybody and behave kindly with all. She should be humble and should not feel proud about anything. She should not be envious. She should have a polite and gentle behavior. She should not lose temper for anything. She should have the mind to forgive the mistakes of others. Everybody likes when the girl is joyful. She should be loyal and faithful to the husband. She should have self-control and should not feel jealous or greed about anything or anybody. She should be a hard worker and have the mind to extend help voluntarily to the family members. She should have the sense of humour.
Decent look is essential for a girl : Everybody likes the girl with a charming look. The physical appearance of any person could not be changed. But, the girl should present herself in a decent way. Her wearing of dress, the language she uses and the behavior should bring respect on her. She should not hesitate to take any responsibility in the family. She should assist the family members in the house chore. She should attend the members, when they are sick.
The bride should be a cool person : The girl should not be a spendthrift. She should not spend money lavishly. She should deal with money very carefully. She should have regular eating habits. She should take nutritious food. She should have interest in doing physical exercises to keep the body fit. She should be interested in doing meditation and yoga to keep the mind calm and peaceful. She should always be cool.
Matured behavior is essential for a bride : The bride should be trustworthy. She should have the mind to do small sacrifices for the sake of the family members. She should inspire and encourage the husband to come up in life. The girl coming from a family of decent culture and background would definitely be decent. She would be having the qualities of respect, compassion, homely, love and kindness and she could fit herself in the boy’s family.
The personality of a girl : The girl should be well educated and the present day girls like to be financially independent. They like to stand on their own legs by taking a profession. The girl should know well to strike a balance with the personal life and profession. She should give equal importance to both. The girl should have the identity of her own. She should not be called by her husband’s name. The girl should adapt herself to the new situation after marriage. She should learn to fine tune herself to the new life style. She should be ready to compromise and adjust with the family members.
Good luck, for getting a girl with all the best qualities for a bride.

How to be a good language learner
The persons interested in making success like to learn many languages. Many people start to learn a new language but give up after some time. Is it difficult to be a good language learner. How to be a good language learner? First of all, we should have the basic interest in learning a new language. We should try to learn some words daily and practice it by reading, writing and speaking in the new language, without fear. We may do mistakes in the beginning. People may laugh at us when we speak wrongly. We should not bother. We should learn to laugh with them and proceed with our activities.
In the beginning we may have starting trouble and since many words are not familiar to us in the new language, we have to make guesses when we are not sure of meaning and usage of some words. Making communication helps us to learn the language quickly. We have to watch when other people talk in that language and we could simply repeat the same sentence or similar sentence to convey our message. We may mix the language known to us and the new language, in the initial period. It is better to learn the language from the basics through a tutor. Then only, we would know the correct spelling and grammar.
When we are going to stay in a new place, it is necessary to learn the regional language of that place. For them, much importance need not be given for writing and grammar. The important dialogues required for day to day life may be memorized and used for some time, unless we get familiar. For some people learning a new language and using it for their work may be important. Those people should learn the grammar and correct usage. They should learn to read, write and speak thoroughly.
If we are successful in learning a foreign language quickly, we could go ahead and learn other languages. The language learning aptitude would increase if we go on learning new languages. The cultural background is also important to be a good language learner. If we become aged, we may not get an interest to learn a new language. The youngsters may become good language learners very soon.
While learning a new language, we should not be dependent on the tutor always. We have to put extra efforts to learn something by ourselves. We have to cultivate the habits of listening, reading, framing new sentences on our own and learning vocabulary. We should go through the course material several times and practice well by reading and writing. We could ask the tutor the specific information required in the new language which would help us for performing our activities. The general activities such as greeting others, feeling sorry, making enquiry, show assent or dissent etc should be learnt first, to be a good language learner.
Nowadays audio or video recorded teaching methods are available. We could listen, play again and again and learn. Listening several times helps us to be good language learners. We should predict and visualize the situation in which the conversation takes place and practice to speak well. We should try to construct our own sentences in the new language and test with our friends who are familiar with that language.
We should fix a time limit to proceed step by step in the process of learning a new language to be a good language learner. It is the normal tendency to think in the native language and translate in the new language. We should change this practice and try to think in the new language, which helps us to learn quickly. We should learn from our mistakes. We have to assess our strengths and start our learning process with a positive approach. We should not give up in the middle. The reading of simple books in the new language makes us confident and gives us the fluency in reading, writing and speaking. Then we could move to learn the gist, idioms and phrases, sentences and paragraphs. Best wishes for becoming a good language learner.

What’s your parenting style?

What is your parenting style ? The parents give warmth and affection to the child. They look after the needs of the child in an accepting and supporting way. The child keeps complete faith on the parents and the parents use love as a tool to teach the right thing and to keep away from the wrong one. The parents show much interest in developing the self-esteem of the child. They allow the child to grow with individualism. The child is ready to negotiate, accept, communicate and put forth the reasons to the parents. Well, what’s your parenting style?

Let the child behave as a child : The parents expect matured behavior from the child, at the young age. They anticipate that the child should act and react with full responsibility. The parents show interest in structuring the behavior of the child. So, an unwanted harsh and strict discipline is enforced on the child by the parents. The child may not behave as per the expectations of the parents. So, a gap comes in between the parents and the child.

Ideas about parenting : The parenting is a complex activity. Some parents adopt the same ideas followed by their parents. Some other people do what their mind says. Some people like to get advice from others or refer books to get ideas about parenting. The parenting style is responsible for the outcome of total image of the child. Diana Baumrind analyzed the concept of parenting style and all the parents come under one or other category. Actually, the parenting style helps for socializing the activities of the child.

Democratic parents : The democratic parents are very lenient. They follow the principle of give and take. They are ready to negotiate with the child. They are very flexible and ready to forgive the mistakes of the child. They won’t give any punishment to the child. They show respect to he feelings of the child. They treat the child at par with them. They believe that they could shape the behavior of the child with love. They give full support to the child. They look after the needs and demands of the child in the best way. In a way, we can say that without bothering about the result, they want to bring up the child in a healthy background.

Authoritarian parents : The authoritarian parents value discipline very much. They want to keep the child under their control. They expect the child to behave in a well disciplined way. They set goals to the child and insist him to achieve it within the time frame. They always supervise the child. They give no or less freedom to the child. They keep on reminding the child to do the work ordered by them. They wish to interfere in all the activities of the child. They won’t give option or choice to the child. They punish the child for not obeying their order. They give importance to insist not to do the wrong things rather than insisting to do the right things.

Permissive parents : The permissive parents do not keep any control in their hands. They won’t set any rules or goals to the child. They give full freedom to the child. The child has to set his own rules and goals, in his life. They won’t teach anything to the child. They won’t expect anything or they do not keep any dream about the future of the child. They never mind the mistakes committed by the child. They just show love to the child. That is all. The child himself has to choose the right thing. They show less involvement in parenting.

Neglectful parenting : The neglectful parenting is another style of parenting. In that, the parents do not care about the child. They simply fulfill the basic needs of the child. They spend their whole time for themselves and give least attention to the child. The parents are unsupportive to the child. The child would not get or expect anything from the parents. The children of such parents easily engage in antisocial behavior, as they are not getting love, affection and care from the parents.

How to treat the children : I feel that instead of following a specific parenting style, the parents should create a loving bond with the child. The child should come up openly to share anything with the parents. The parents should accept the uniqueness of the child. We should treat the child with love, respect and equality. The parents should behave as good friends to the child. If the parents show overindulgent behavior, the child expects everything to come to him and he loses his initiative and interest to work. The over submissive children would not grow well as they are not give any rights to express their views. The parents have to show a psychological approach in bringing up the child. We have to do research on different parenting styles and choose the right one. The child rearing is a great task. We should follow the positive and respectful style of parenting. When the father and mother are not having the identical parenting styles, they should discuss and come to an agreement. Then, they should formulize the way in which the child should be brought up. Whatever way we follow, we should be successful as a good parent.

What’s your parenting style?

Tips on Quality Writing
Hallmark of quality writing : Any piece of the writing should speak about the author. It should be clear and precise. The author should communicate to others through his quality writing. It portrays his character. He should express his ideas neatly and sincerely, so that the readers should feel contentment on reading his articles. The hallmark of quality writing is that the writing should make the reader understand the subject well and he should feel not only about the subject but also about the writer. That is the success of quality writing.
What is quality writing  ? The quality writing means writing accurately the facts and information and the author should show consistent and correctness in his writings. The first line of his writings should create a good impression on the reader. The reader should get interest to read his writings more and more. Whether the author writes article, story, tips or news, he should add some humor to his style of writing. He should follow the subject and there should be continuous link from the starting till end.
Symbol of quality writing : Before writing about a subject, the author should give a deep thought about it. He could refer some points from books or internet. He should not copy anything from anybody’s writings. Everything should be original. The way of narration should be a feast to the reader. That is the symbol of good writing. The introduction should clearly mention the subject. He could write in paragraphs of minimum 3 lines and a maximum of 10 lines. In each paragraph, he should emphasize a point. All the relevant points should be grouped in a paragraph. The flow should be there from paragraph to paragraph. It enhances the quality of writing. The end should create a mood of contentment to the reader. He should summarize the points and give a conclusion.
Essential points in quality writing : The author should give examples to explain his points. The quality writing should be simple and apt to the point. The irrelevant matters should not enter into his writings. While using new words, he has to refer the dictionary or thesaurus and knowing the meaning well, he should use such words appropriately. He could use metaphors and descriptions in his writings. There should not be any spelling mistake or grammar mistake in his writings. He should write in complete sentences only. He should do proofreading and correct his mistakes in writing.
Satisfy the reader : The writer should convince the reader by conveying well what is written and the way in which it is written. The quality writing fulfils the above two points. Sometimes the writings may have go satisfy different types of audience, at a time. So, the subject and way of writing should be understandable to all. If the author is writing for a specific group of people thorough in a subject, his writings should satisfy that group of readers.
Tips on quality writing : The important point in quality writing is that the writings should not hurt anybody in anyway. The author should not degrade anything or anybody in his writings. He should maintain perfect quality and gentle behavior in his writings. The author should be confident and knowledgeable about a subject and the writing should show the proficiency of the author. The quality writing displays the qualities of the author. So, let us follow the above tips strictly and give a quality writing to our audience.

Lifelong learning
Lifelong learning : Many people might have missed the opportunity of attending school at their young age and regret later. Some people might have discontinued their studies due to some reasons. Now, in all the countries, facilities are available for learning lifelong. The people interested in studies could have education through correspondence course, e-learning, learning from home and through distance education. The lifelong learning is a boon for the persons having a thirst to learn. Age is not at all a barrier for education.
Reason for learning : In some companies, the employees are permitted to pursue higher education and they have to use their services for the welfare of the company, if the company bears the higher education cost. The company expects that the employee should act dynamically in an agile manner, as per the requirements of the changing situations. Some retired persons like to participate in lifelong learning program to get recreation and interest in life. Some people might have got an aim to get a degree, diploma or certificate and they might have got chance to learn in the middle age or after retirement. The lifelong learning helps to fulfill their desires.
It is important for everybody to update their knowledge often. So, lifelong learning is required for many people to achieve their goal in their life. Due to scientific and technological advancements, it is necessary to develop the knowledge and skills throughout the life. The lifelong learning helps for promoting the acquisition of basic skills. Nowadays, the computer literacy is very much essential for performing any work. So, many people are interested in attending short term or long term certificate/ diploma/degree courses in computer education. The elderly people like to have the knowledge of operating computer and get the basic knowledge about using computer and internet, as they require to use email, to surf internet to get information, to chat and do online shopping/transactions.
Act of learning : The people should strive hard to use the opportunity of lifelong learning. The act of learning is an enjoyment. To have an interest on lifelong learning, we should get the habit of reading. We should read the books on various subjects and learn by reading. We could learn a new language. The discussion with intellectual company is also a form of lifelong learning. While reading, we have to do creative thinking and apply our own ideas. If we get something new in our mind, we could practice to write also. While learning something new, we have to put into practice. After finishing the learning process, we could teach others, by sharing our knowledge. It is also a form of learning and improving. We could do lifelong learning by pursuing education through some organization that teaches skills. If we join in a group, the learning experience would be good. The persons interested in learning should choose a career which gives the opportunity to do lifelong learning. We should list out what are the things to be learnt and try to learn one by one. If we get the habit of learning in the early morning, we could make lifelong learning a wonderful experience. After taking a decision to learn, we should not give up and go back, fearing for comments and criticism.
Education is life : We have to make the lifelong learning a priority in life. Education is life and there is no end for learning. The adult education should be given wide publicity by media and help all the people to get education. Best wishes for Practicing lifelong learning and lead a happy life.