Photographic memory
Photographic memory : Some people have got the extraordinary talent of recalling images, sounds or objects in memory with extreme accuracy. Eidetic memory is the ability to study an image for 30 seconds and maintain a perfect photographic memory of that image after it has been removed. Only very few people are gifted with photographic memory. The photographic memory is the result of brain processing and storing information in an abnormal and different manner. The persons having photographic memory may have to absorb and keep in memory, too much information , relevant and irrelevant. It is enough for a normal person to recall relevant information. Using the memory is more important than storing so much information in memory.
Photographic memory in day to day life : The photographic memory is a real phenomenon. We see some people remembering and recalling many things in life. Many people find place in Guinness Book of records for having abnormal memories. The brain of persons with photographic memory stores information in a different way than others. Some people with photographic memory has the ability to look at a page of a book and then recall it word by word after closing the book . The children used to practice to recall vivid images and to exercise eidetic imagination. The mind uses energy to store a memory, in a specific location. They can use it to recall later at the time of examination. When they grow up, they get interest in the things around them and lose interest in practicing eidetic ability.
How to develop photographic memory : Some people do deep thinking to develop photographic memory. The amount of energy stored in each memory determines how fast and how well we learn a thing. We use energy to keep the thing in memory and recall it, whenever required. The energy is exchanged through resonance with other related memories and creates the process of thinking. Some people get photographic memory by nature. Some others get through practice. Many useful and important information slips from our memory at the right time and we could recollect it automatically afterwards. This is called memory block. We could avoid this by practicing photographic memory, for remembering things. While learning, we should associate the things to the real world. Self testing helps to learn more in a short time. We should use the mind power to think and use our potential, possibilities and values. We should practice photographic memory as if nonexistent scene really happens there.
Importance of photographic memory : The photographic memory requires some kind of practice and technique. We may not succeed in the first attempt. We may have to try again and again. We have to link the things to be remembered with the common things we use. This technique can be used for memorizing texts, in the form of lists or chores. The short mental film will help us to remember effectively and quickly. We can use the peg system by giving numbers to all the objects to remember. We can also use mind mapping for remembering things. It acts as an excellent tool for organizing large quantities of information. The true art of memory is the art of attention. We have to listen and capture everything in the mind, with concentration. By creating mental snapshot we can remember so many things. When we hear or read something, we can repeat it loudly in our own words. We cannot get photographic memory over night. But, if we practice, it changes our life brightly. We will be able to remember numbers, names, faces without any confusion. We can use this to get good marks in the examination. It helps us to improve our performance at work and our career could get a boom. It effectively fights against aging and memory loss. The concentration and focus will increase. The average person uses only 2% of the total brain power. We can increase it gradually by developing photographic memory. Best wishes for improving the talent of photographic memory.

Benefits of failure
Why we fail : Life is difficult and complicated. It is beyond anybody’s total control. There are no secrets for success. Similarly, there are no secrets for failure too. Even after putting hard work, we may face failure. We need not bother about gossips and criticism. People may be waiting for a chance to see our reaction at the time of failure. We should not give them a chance. We should accept failure very gently. The reason for failure may or may not be obvious but we have to accept failure. We have to find out the reason for failure. Then we have to think and act wisely to reduce the loss. We should feel happy that we get an opportunity to try a new approach. With strong willpower and discipline, we have to manage the situation. If we never fail, it is difficult to really understand how we need to grow and improve ourselves.
Benefits of failure : You may wonder whether there will be any benefit due to failure. You need not doubt. There are some benefits that we gain due to failure in our attempts. The failure is a learning experience. Nobody teaches us how to fail and we ourselves learn it by experience. The failure may cause depression of mind, insecurity and loss of self-esteem. We learn by mistakes. The failure teaches us a good lesson. We clearly understand what not to do. We can make up our mind not to repeat the same mistakes. We gain more confidence for future success, by reducing the risk of future failure. We will be very cautious in future.
Failure teaches a good lesson : We won’t hear the bad advice of others and we will act on our own. We will take defensive step only to save us. We will thoroughly analyze the details, plans, options, timing, assistance and aim with knowledge and we will have a clear vision of things to be done in future. We will identify our enemy and take defensive measures to protect us from him. We will shred our ego and try to prove ourselves by doing any work for getting success. We will try all the possibilities to get success at any cost. The failure brings out our hidden talents. We should have patience to hear advice and criticism after shaking hand with a failure. We will become more humble and polite. We should not expect fame , glory or money immediately a failure. We should allow others to help us by lowering ourselves. Others may get a satisfaction due to this act. We will know about others at this time.
How to survive after facing a failure : We have to wait with a smiling face to hear the comments of others. They may criticize our inability and exhibit all the possibilities for our failure. We have to think by ourselves and decide the exact reason for failure. We have to determine what to do next. We may think well whether to continue our efforts in the same path or try a new thing. Then go ahead confidently with new thoughts and new energy to avoid failure and make a grand success.
Failure is inevitable : All the human beings might have faced failure at least once in their life. We need not feel ashamed to face a failure. It is impossible to live without failing at something. If we live very cautiously, without taking any risk, there is no thrill in life. We have to try again and again until we get success. The failures are the stepping stones for success.