Lifelong learning
Lifelong learning : Many people might have missed the opportunity of attending school at their young age and regret later. Some people might have discontinued their studies due to some reasons. Now, in all the countries, facilities are available for learning lifelong. The people interested in studies could have education through correspondence course, e-learning, learning from home and through distance education. The lifelong learning is a boon for the persons having a thirst to learn. Age is not at all a barrier for education.
Reason for learning : In some companies, the employees are permitted to pursue higher education and they have to use their services for the welfare of the company, if the company bears the higher education cost. The company expects that the employee should act dynamically in an agile manner, as per the requirements of the changing situations. Some retired persons like to participate in lifelong learning program to get recreation and interest in life. Some people might have got an aim to get a degree, diploma or certificate and they might have got chance to learn in the middle age or after retirement. The lifelong learning helps to fulfill their desires.
It is important for everybody to update their knowledge often. So, lifelong learning is required for many people to achieve their goal in their life. Due to scientific and technological advancements, it is necessary to develop the knowledge and skills throughout the life. The lifelong learning helps for promoting the acquisition of basic skills. Nowadays, the computer literacy is very much essential for performing any work. So, many people are interested in attending short term or long term certificate/ diploma/degree courses in computer education. The elderly people like to have the knowledge of operating computer and get the basic knowledge about using computer and internet, as they require to use email, to surf internet to get information, to chat and do online shopping/transactions.
Act of learning : The people should strive hard to use the opportunity of lifelong learning. The act of learning is an enjoyment. To have an interest on lifelong learning, we should get the habit of reading. We should read the books on various subjects and learn by reading. We could learn a new language. The discussion with intellectual company is also a form of lifelong learning. While reading, we have to do creative thinking and apply our own ideas. If we get something new in our mind, we could practice to write also. While learning something new, we have to put into practice. After finishing the learning process, we could teach others, by sharing our knowledge. It is also a form of learning and improving. We could do lifelong learning by pursuing education through some organization that teaches skills. If we join in a group, the learning experience would be good. The persons interested in learning should choose a career which gives the opportunity to do lifelong learning. We should list out what are the things to be learnt and try to learn one by one. If we get the habit of learning in the early morning, we could make lifelong learning a wonderful experience. After taking a decision to learn, we should not give up and go back, fearing for comments and criticism.
Education is life : We have to make the lifelong learning a priority in life. Education is life and there is no end for learning. The adult education should be given wide publicity by media and help all the people to get education. Best wishes for Practicing lifelong learning and lead a happy life.

Simple beauty of haiku
Haiku is a very short poetical form of literature. Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry liked by all. The Japanese haiku appears in a single vertical line. But, in English, we normally write haiku in 3 lines. There are no fixed rules adopted for writing haiku in English. If it is enjoyable by readers, then it is accepted by all. All the emotions are expressed well in Japanese haiku.
The 5-7-5 syllables rule, is followed by many people. Sometimes, a total of 17 syllables are used and there is no restriction about the number of lines. Some people see the usage of 2,3,2 metric feet written in three lines. Some even say that the haiku should be read within one breath. That is, if we start reading a haiku, we should be able to complete it, before completing the first breath.
The haiku describes a momentary action only. A sudden feeling on seeing something based on the experience is written in the form of haiku. In the olden days, people always describe nature in haiku but modern poets express their views about the happenings in day to day life. Those who have got a little interest in literature could make an attempt to write a haiku. Much experience is not at all needed.
In the haiku, whatever said openly is less important and whatever left for imagination is more important. The unsaid words are more meaningful. In the symbolic way the poet may express his feelings about nature but the implied meaning may be the expression of his emotion about certain thing. The reader should guess it correctly. That is the charm in haiku.
While writing the haiku, the mind of the poet should be immersed in the feeling of emotion about something. They only he could coin correct words to express his feelings. Just like a photo flash, the poet should take the reader to the situation that implied in the haiku. The principles of comparison, contrast and association are used generally by poets while writing haiku. The unimaginable comparisons really thrill us. As the sweetness of taste lasts in the tongue for sometime, the sweet memories of the haiku fulfils our mind. In contrast, the opposites attract us very much. The surprise contrasts give us a shocking and at the same time a thrilling effect. Similarly, The association between the things we never imagined, gives us extreme pleasure.
Some people use riddles and puzzles in haiku, giving a little surprise to the reader. The reader has to think a little and find out the answer. Some people use word play, joke and even double meaning in haiku. Normally the adverbs and adjectives are not used in haiku. We have to present the thing as it is in the original form itself. The sentimental feelings such as joy, sorrow, honour, glory, love and hatredness are expressed in haiku. The metaphors and similes are used to compare, associate and contrast. First we have to fix the reader on image and bring another image to compare or contrast or associate form, making a simple but admirable relationship between the two images. The cutting divides the haiku into two parts and there is interrelation between the tow parts. The reader has to get the vision of the writer while reading the haiku. That is the success of haiku.


In literature, even ordinary things are expressed in beautiful ways to give the reader more enjoyment. In day to day life, we speak so many words. But the sense of humour gives more pleasure and make us to think about these again and again and enjoy. The bitter things we want to forget. Only the enjoyable things find place in our memory. The oxymoron is used generally as we as in literature. Since it s a simple form of usage, we just use these words in conversations. The feeling is stressed correctly by using an oxymoron.
In literature, the contrast makes the reader to get more involvement. The combining of two contradictory items is known as oxymoron. Normally a combination of adjective and noun is used in oxymoron. It is a form of expression by which we could understand the feelings by the mere words. Even though contradictory terms are used , it gives a meaning. Some people feel that confusing terms are used in oxymoron. Not so. To give the feeling of a poetic expression and emphasize the result, oxymoron is used.
The terms such as “bitter sweet” and “ sweet revenge” are meaningful. Tennyson has coined these words. To give the feeling that the substance is not real but theoretical, Feynman used the term “dry water”. Some oxymora are used deliberately such as “accidently on purpose”, “little big man” , “ living dead” and stupidly clever”.
Sometimes to emphasize sarcasm or irony, oxymora are used. To create a sense of humour, some oxymora are used. The comedian George Carlin used the oxymora such as “open secret”, “start stopping”, “icy hot”, “same difference” and “mini giant”. Sometimes the oxymora is used for substituting an alternative. The terms “final draft”, ”first conclusion”, “full vacuum”, “fresh dried fruit”, “going nowhere”, “independent party”, ”act naturally”, ”found missing”, “advanced basic”, “sweet sorrow”, “clearly misunderstood”, “definite maybe”, “pretty ugly” and “exact estimate” are some of the oxymora we use in day to day life, without knowing that they are oxymora.
Some oxymora make us to think such as “deafening silence”, and “ a mournful optimist”. We really wonder how the contradictory words combined could give us a good meaning. The expression gives a true or dramatic effect.
The word oxymoron itself is an oxymoron. In Greek oxy means sharp and moros or moron means dull. The normally contradictory words when joined , gives various expression such as irony, sorrow, joy or fun. When a meeting is proceeding in a dull manner and the audience feel drowsy, the speaker would have to follow a different type of approach to attract the audience and listen to him. When the speaker uses an oxymoron suddenly, the audience will get interest in the speech and start to listen. The oxymoron gives a rhetorical feeling. Some oxymora may not give explicit meaning and we have to understand the inner meaning. Sometimes verbal interpretations or regional terms are used in oxymora and only it is understood by those people who are familiar with them.

Bharatanatyam – A Natya Yoga
Tamil Nadu State in India is the origin of Bharatanatyam dance. Bha represents bhava or abhinaya, ra represents ragha and ta represents thala and bharatanatyam is the combination of everything. Some people say that Bharatha is the author of Natya shastra and in his name, this dance form is known as Bharatanatyam. It is said that Lord Brahma created the fifth veda, Panchamaveda called natya veda taking words from rigveda, body movements from yajurveda, music from samaveda and sentiments from atharvanaveda and handed over it to Bharatha. Bharatanatyam is considered as a sacred form of dance and some people believe that it is a natya yoga. It is a pure form of art handed over by our ancestors. The term Bharatanatyam was coined by Purandaradasa.
In olden Hindu temples, we have noticed many scriptures of dancing girls, posing bhratanatya abhinaya. We can say that Bharatanatyam is the visual form of music and it an act of devotion. We could get the full impact when the Bharatanatyam is combined with music. Bharatanatyam is a combination of dance and yoga. It is not very easy to learn Bharatanatya dance and make arnagetram. The combination of crisp movements of legs, hands, hip, facial expression and sculpturesque poses to entertain the spectators are very important in Bharatanatya dance. The eyes, nose and mouth should speak special choreographic language. The teacher- student relationship is sacred while learning Bharatanatya dance. The student should learn with dedication and it requires constant practice. It is a long term commitment.
The Bharatanatya form of dance consists of many parts. The first one is called as alarippu in which the deity is invoked and the guests are welcomed and greeted. Then it is processed through the stages of Jatiswara, Shabda, Varna,Padam and Ashtapadi . The dance form goes through tillana to showcase the dancer’s mastery of complex rhythms and ends with mangala.
The Lord Shiva is known as Nataraja and the dance performed by Nataraja is known as “Ananda thandavam”. Normally the male persons do this form of dancing. The dancers dance for carnatic music. In Hindu family, the girls show much interest in learning the dance form of Bharatanatya. The Bharatanatya dancers wear rich costume which enhances their beauty while dancing. While dancing the dancers have to follow the rules of natya shastra. Previously the Bharatanatya performances were given in temples by women. Now, we see the performances on the stage with a live ensemble. Due to modernization, instead of classical music, some dancers give performance for folk and other forms of music. The semi-classical dance form of Bharatanatyam is seen in TV shows and cinema. The artistic yoga is based on the form of dance based on Natya shastra.
Some Bharatanatya dancers do it as a hobby and for some others it is profession. Some more people live for Bharatanatya and they devote their entire life for this dance form. The degree, diploma and certificate courses for learning Bharatanatya, the natya yoga is available. When all the parts of body coordinate well then only the Bharatanatyam could be performed with perfection and purity. Bharatanatyam is based on devotion and so it is called as yoga since it is a spiritual discipline which gives perfection to the activities of body and mind. It is very well to see when the Bharata natya dancers are young, slender and beautiful. Let us admire the beautiful dance form of Bharatanatyam – A Natya Yoga.

How to write a poem ?
How to write a poem ? Everybody feels about observing the world within and around him. Sometimes, we may like to share our feelings with the world. One way of doing this is, by writing a poem we could communicate with the world. We could write about anything we feel about. If anything or anybody creates a spark within us, gives us pleasure or releases our inner feelings, we could start writing a poem. Anybody could become a poet. Some poems may be well recognized by many people and some may fill us alone with pleasure. Anyhow, writing a poem is really an enjoyable experience. We could try structured way or free verse as per our convenience.
How to get inspiration ? When we get an inspiration to write a poem and when our inner mind asks us to put our feelings into words, we could sit for writing a poem. We may get starting trouble but we should not give up. We should not hesitate to express our feelings. When we get a mood to write, leaving all other works, we should sit and write. We should fix a theme and should not divert from it till end. First we should frame an idea and note down all related words and phrases about that subject. If we try to join these together in a beautiful way, we would get a poem.
Rules for writing a poem : We could write our poem in a free verse and follow any style. Giving a suitable title to the poem is most important. The writing of a poem is an art and after finishing it, we should read it aloud and listen. We could make some editions, as we feel. We should choose the best words and put them in the right order. We should use our imaginary power while describing about a thing. We could write about a thing, place, person or about emotions like love, enmity, affection, anger, depression or joy. The poem should convey a meaning. That is most essential. There should be continuity from the beginning till end. We should not divert or jump somewhere in between.
The poem should enter the heart of the reader : On reading our poem, the readers should get our feelings. The poem should have the rhyme to make it pretty. The powerful message should come at the end and stand in the minds of the readers. We could make the poem personal and sensual. We need not put unnecessary words. We should use our brain and mind together while writing a poem. The ideas should be original and we should not copy anything from others’ work.
Which is a good poem ? Our mind should accept that the poem is good. Getting feedback for our poem is necessary. We should not bother about criticism. We may or may not like all their suggestions but we should continue to write poems. The honest remark is valuable. Poetry is a natural outlet for our emotions. To find out who we are, the best way is losing ourselves in reading or writing a poem. We should see the world in a childish way to get the ideas for writing a poem. The poem is a path that takes us anywhere where we get peace and pleasure.
We could note down whenever we get a flash in the mind about something for writing a poem. We could then construct a poem leisurely. To become a writer of a poem, we should be a reader and listener. We should learn to appreciate the works of other poets. The writing of poetry is not a profession or career for many people. For most of the people, it is only a hobby. Penning a poetry is a virtual journey. We should use our creativity in our poem. If you have never written a poem before, please take into consideration of doing it right now. Give your poetic voice, to share your feeling with others. Leave your mark on the world of tomorrow.

Home made gifts

Homemade gifts
Homemade gifts are good presents : On the occasion of celebration, we used to give presents to our near and dear ones. We used to spend a day for shopping to choose an item suitable for gift. We could show our consideration by making some gift items by our own hands. The time and energy spent for others makes us happy and others would appreciate our love and hard work. We could give pleasure to them by presenting homemade gifts. The homemade gifts are generally cheap and inexpensive. It is fun to make them and those priceless gifts would touch the hearts of the recipients. We could use our creativity and make homemade gifts. All the things needed for preparing the items are available in the market. By spending a small amount, we could make a wonderful gift item.
What are home made gifts ? We could make best loving crafts for presentation. The homemade fancy ornaments are cheap and all the basic items required for making these ornaments are available in fancy stores. We could attend classes, refer magazines or see the articles in internet for learning this art. The photo frame decorated with our hands would be a great gift. We could do embroidery work on small towels, napkins, pillow cover, bedspread and hand kerchiefs. The adorable present of toys like rabbit, teddy bear etc are suitable for kids. The children could be surprised if we present homemade doll house, using card board box. We could make quilts of any theme or design. A kitchen apron is a lovely present for those who love cooking. The key chains, wall hangers, paintings, flower vase and show case items are liked by all and could be prepared by us at home with simple things. Some people are expert in making purses, hand bags and cell phone covers which are suitable for all ages. The knitted sweaters and stockings are useful during winter season. Those who know tailoring could make the dresses for the loved ones and present for an occasion.
Home made gifts show our feelings : We could make a book containing lovely poems, pictures and sweet memories. We could give our comments and share our feelings. We could decorate the pages and the cover of the book with colourful paper strips with shining and glittering look. We could decorate the pages with designs like roses and stars. We could use silk threads and small hanging bells in the corners of the outer cover. We could make bookmarks and present our beloved ones. The making of greeting cards and calendar are also quite suitable for occasions.
Invaluable home made gifts : We need not spend much money. Using our creativity we could make home made gifts. To have the fun, we could make these items secretly and present on the day of celebration. The recipient should not think that to save money, we have presented him with a home made gift. The home made gift should make him happy and he should feel great about it. The recipient should understand the importance of your home made gift. The home made gifts are invaluable.

So, start preparing home made gift from the next occasion onwards.


The fluoride is essential for bone and teeth development. For protecting dental cavities, the fluoride helps very much. When the fluoride consumption is increased abnormally, the disease known as flourosis is caused. When we inhale fluoride fume or dust, use coal as fuel or drink water containing excessive quantity of fluoride, the flourosis attacks us. It attacks the bones and joints and causes pain. When the drinking water is taken from shallow wells or hand pumps, there is a possibility of rich-content of fluoride in it, causing flourosis. The intake of calcium should be increased, in some way. The flourosis patients would have crippling deformities.
The dental flourosis causes stain on teeth. Sometimes, there may be crack or pit in teeth due to flourosis. There would be discolouration in the enamel surface of the teeth. When we notice white spot in teeth or when the colour of teeth become yellow, we have to undergo test for flourosis. By proper treatment, we could come out of the poisonous effects of flourosis. If the symptoms of flourosis are noticed and proper treatment taken from the beginning, then it could be cured completely. When the pregnant women is affected by this disease, she should be very careful, as there is a possibility for the child getting affected.
The victims for this disease are found in all the countries, throughout the world. So, research is still going to find out more suitable treatment method and medicines to cure the disease, flourosis. The cost of treatment and medicine should be affordable for low income people. That is most important, as they only get this disease very easily. All the school going children should be taught well about consumption of fluoride and the disease, flourosis. In the rural area, people should be educated, through voluntary organizations, about prevention of flourosis and curing methods. The media should come forward in bringing out the facts about the flourosis and making them reach public. By simple diagrams and films, the awareness may be created among people. The deflouridated drinking water should be made available to all the people in rural and urban areas, at a low cost. The taste of waster should not change in this process. Other substances causing side effects should not be used in the deflouridation process. The water harvesting method could help a little.
We have to reorganize our diet habits to restrict the quantum of intake of fluoride-content food. The balanced diet should be taken to keep away from this disease. The rain water is pure and the fluoride content is less in rain water. The tooth powder and tooth paste manufacturers should be very cautious in restricting the usage of fluoride, in their product. The children should be warned about the food and beverages having rich content of fluoride.
The persons having this disease suffer from inferiority complex. First they should come out and take proper treatment to cure flourosis. We need not be afraid of this disease. Due to advancement in the field of medicine, by taking regular treatment, the complete cure is possible.

Chicago Booth – Essay 1

Why are you pursuing an MBA at this point in your career?

750 words-ish. Don’t overthink it. And, for the moment, treat this as if it’s the first MBA application essay question you’ve EVER seen. The trick I love–and think is absurdly helpful–is first to hear this question spoken by an interviewer. Smart-looking guy/gal in glasses is sitting behind a desk, perusing what you fear is your resume, and looks up and cuts right to the chase and says “Why are you pursuing an MBA at this point in your career?”

Well? Now what.

Simple. Answer his question. Not another one you’ve prepared a response to. No, you answer the question he JUST asked you. It would be rude not to!


We’ll take the SECOND piece first this time: “at this point in your career?”

This question (like many others) is predicated on a few CRITICAL assumptions:

(A) You have a goal but…
(B) Can’t reach it in your current state…
(C) Because in order to escalate your position, you need skills you don’t have yet.

This is true for a seven year old who knows she wants to be a real estate mogul, say. But it’s not time for her to get her MBA yet, right? Because she hasn’t maxed out a bunch of other stuff. She’ll go to high school and then college and then work for a few years, always pushing herself “upward” but at some point she will hit a ceiling.

She has “reached that point in her career.” A point where, on her path toward her goal, she is no longer able (with her current skill set) to advance. Now what?

Here’s where the FIRST piece of the question comes in: “Why are you pursuing an MBA?”

She first identifies what areas she is weak in, or doesn’t know much about, or knows about but really needs to hone… and through a bit of research and investigation learns that an MBA program will be this missing piece of the puzzle and help LAUNCH her toward her ultimate goals.

She was on her way, got stuck and now she needs help. She didn’t go after a LAW degree. She didn’t go out and buy $50,000 worth of books on business. She’s applying to an MBA program. And she has to make her case WHY. Everyone has their own reason for wanting to attend. And this is precisely what the schools want to hear about. Because this is going to reveal to them something about your personal needs and desires that will help individuate you from the pack. Get them to know you better.

Always START by addressing as succinctly as possible the exact question they’re asking you. Don’t just cram another essay you’ve perfected into this one because some of the words mostly match. You can keep much of the ESSENCE of that other essay, but just reshape it so it answers this question.

Chicago Booth MBA Essay Analysis – Essay 2

Describe a time when you were surprised by feedback that you received. What was the feedback and why were you surprised?

This sucker is all about “being in touch with the inner you.” Knowing thyself.

Let’s figure out what “surprise” is all about. When do we experience surprise?

If we found out that O.J. Simpson did in fact “do it” — no one is going to bat an eyelash.

If, however, we were to learn that Mother Teresa was responsible for the murder of JFK, we would probably not believe it at first, but if evidence were to come out… I think it’s safe to say the world would be… “surprised.”

Apologies for the absurd examples. But the key is about… EXPECTATION. When we enter into a situation with a set of expectations, we anticipate a certain outcome. When that outcome looks very different, our first and strongest reaction is that of SURPRISE. Most folks believe [expect] that O.J. did it. So what should be an earth shattering reversal of such a titanic verdict, ends up being shrugged off casually. In order to truly get to a moment of surprise, the expectations need to be at serious odds with the outcome.

So the KEY to talking about a famous moment of surprise in your life is to travel back to the moments BEFORE the feedback was delivered, and bring us into what your expectations were. This is where alllll the gold’s at. Because now we’ll learn a little about who you are, what you had expected, and we’ll know in an instant, why the feedback you received threw you for a loop.

The mistake most folks make is not setting this up properly, and diving STRAIGHT into the situation and the feedback—-and then telling us THAT they were surprised. We will learn nothing this way, and you’ve just burned a few hundred words along the way. Set it up right. Paint a picture of your expectations. Then slap us with feedback received that runs wildly contrary. Surprise US the same way someone else had surprised YOU.

Chicago Booth MBA Essay Analysis – Essay 1

How did you choose your most recent job/internship and how did this experience influence your future goals? What about the Chicago Booth MBA makes you feel it is the next best step in your career at this time? [750-1000]

[First off, one more shoutout to HBS and Wharton R1-ers. Good luck, y’all.]

K, first of all, 750-1000 is not the same as 1000. Shoot for 800-900. That’ll keep you out of trouble.

Now, I’m gonna list ALL the elements embedded in this sucker:

1) How did you choose your most recent job/internship?

2) How did this experience influence your future goals?

3) What about the Chicago Booth MBA makes you feel it is the next best step in your career at this time?

Cool? Now I’m gonna translate it.

1) Go back in time to the moment you were APPLYING to the job you currently have (most recent job/internship). What other jobs were you offered? What other options did you have? Here’s what they wanna know: No matter what the answer to those questions are, you had options. You could have quit and joined the army. You could have scrapped everything and tried to invent a time machine. You could have taken “the promotion” but you opted to make a lateral move. Etc. etc. GIVEN ALL THE OPTIONS, why did you choose your most recent job?

Treat it separately. Think about it. It’s interesting. Everything has a purpose. They’re not asking about your career progress. They’re not asking about whether or not you’re qualified to do whatever it is you wanna do. There are TWO assumptions here: (1) THAT you have long term goals and (2) THAT you’ve worked somewhere at all. If both are true, you can answer this question. Figure out why you CHOSE to work at Job X, your most recent gig.

2) This job/experience has influenced your future goals somehow. It’s true. Maybe you’ve learned that you HATE consulting and wanna do real estate now. Maybe you’ve learned that your instincts were 100% correct and this job is exactly what you wanna do for the rest of your life. Some way or another, this job has influenced your future goals. Taught you something about the industry you’re in. Taught you something about a NEED that exists that you wanna address. Taught you something about the REALITIES of the industry. (At first you wanted to be President of the U.S. and solve Israel/Palestine, but after your Job as Senator, you realize the situation is slightly more complex, so perhaps your goals have narrowed, say.) Perhaps the job taught you something about what’s BROKEN in your industry, and you’ve figured out that you can fix it. Or that it’s POSSIBLE to fix it, and the answer lies in your getting an MBA.

There are a million ways in which your current or most recent job have taught you something or influenced you. Identify it, and NAIL it.

3) There’s a hidden question in here…. which is “What are your future goals?” — Now, they don’t ask about it specifically, but it’s embedded in the question. It assumes that your goals have come into focus, or been redefined, or changed even—-on account of this recent job experience. Let’s find out not only how those influences worked, but WHAT your goals are to begin with, or rather… NOW that you’re on the precipice of going after them.

4) The final piece breaks down into 2 chunks:

PART A —-> You have a goal. You have some work experience. You’re a smart guy/gal. You COULD…. attack your goal right now. If you were to grade the “smartness” of that decision, let’s say it’s a 82%. You COULD also quit everything and hitch-hike across America, develop a smoking habit and eat a lot of “Seafood Specials” at truck stops along the way. The grade for how much this helps your career goals is probably around 12%. Another option is to go BACK to school and get your MBA. The grade for this option is 100%. Explain WHY.

Everyone is sooooo interested in writing love letters to the schools about what the school offers. And THAT the schools will help them learn all about business stuff. Wonderful, you’ve just told something the school already knows. Instead, tell them what it is about the MBA that is particularly wise for YOU at THIS POINT IN TIME…. given where you are in life.

PART B —-> Congratulations. You’ve just been accepted to Harvard. Stanford. AND… Kellogg. See what I did there? I yanked the Chicago argument from RIGHT out under you. Okay, so you’ve been accepted to ALL THREE illustrious MBA programs. And WALLAH, you’ve JUST been accepted to Booth. Let’s pretend you’re gonna pick Booth.

Now, here’s where I need your full attention. GIVEN YOUR CAREER OBJECTIVES——> WHAT ASPECTS OF BOOTH CONVINCE YOU THAT THE NEXT TWO YEARS THERE represents the BEST option for you—–remember, you CAN go to stanford, or harvard, or kellogg. So DON’T throw some thin, weightless argument about how you’re gonna learn from top-notch faculty. Are you insane? Are you really suggesting that you’re picking Booth over Stanford because Booth’s faculty somehow beats Stanford’s? Nonsense. You will be wasting words on such arguments.

The best–and ONLY–argument to make here is that there are offerings and an overall culture at Booth that somehow will put you in the BEST position to achieve the goals you’ve laid out.

Explain how it’s gonna work. Explain which aspect of Booth will affect a certain aspect of a gap in your skill set, or some thing that’s gonna get filled in, such that you can chase your goals.

Let’s say your goal is to finish a marathon. What foodstuff are you gonna eat?

No-brainer. SPAGHETTI. CARBS. CARBS. ENERGY. FUEL. This choice has nothing to do with ANYTHING other than the way in which it relates to your goal.

Let’s say your goal is to lose weight faaaast. What foodstuff are you gonna eat?

No-brainer. NOT SPAGHETTI. Why not? Because if your goal is to lose fast weight, carbs are probably not the best choice.

Now hoooold on. Same person. Different answers? Sure. Because each answer addresses a different GOAL.

So, let’s circle it back. Booth is carbs. And you’re running a marathon. Explain why Booth is the best choice for you.

Whatever your goals are, find a reason why Booth specifically, is going to be the FUEL that promotes you closer to that long-term goal finish line