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How to be a good language learner The persons interested in making success like to learn many languages. Many people start to learn a new language but give up after some time. Is it difficult to be a good language learner. How to be a good language learner? First of all, we should have the […]

Tips on Quality Writing Hallmark of quality writing : Any piece of the writing should speak about the author. It should be clear and precise. The author should communicate to others through his quality writing. It portrays his character. He should express his ideas neatly and sincerely, so that the readers should feel contentment on reading […]

Lifelong learning Lifelong learning : Many people might have missed the opportunity of attending school at their young age and regret later. Some people might have discontinued their studies due to some reasons. Now, in all the countries, facilities are available for learning lifelong. The people interested in studies could have education through correspondence course, e-learning, […]

Tips on creative writing Many people might have got the habit of reading but writing, that too creative writing is really a gift given by God. Creative writing means self expression of our thoughts in an organized way. We have to use appropriate words in the right sense. Our mind should be free when we […]

Academic bulimia Academic bulimia : Some people are interested in swallowing the information while studying, before entering the examination hall. They are not bothered about their health condition. They sit for hours together and mug up the whole thing in the book. They won’t move well with friends and family members. This disorder in studying is […]