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Duties of children

Duties of children The childhood days are filled with pleasure and passions. The children have some duties to be performed which they have to cultivate from the young age. The parents have got the duties of brining up the child in the right way and teaching all the good things in life. Similarly, the children […]

Balancing work and personal life Many people want to lead a happy life. They want to spend more time for the family. But they could not quit their jobs. Since they need money and they want to stand on their own legs, they continue in job, however tough it may be. We have to give […]

What’s your parenting style? What is your parenting style ? The parents give warmth and affection to the child. They look after the needs of the child in an accepting and supporting way. The child keeps complete faith on the parents and the parents use love as a tool to teach the right thing and to […]