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Benefits of Microcredit What is microcredit? The term micro means small and the microcredit means a small loan. Normally, for applying a loan in a bank we require steady employment, collateral security and a verifiable credit history. The bankers would grant a loan after verifying all the above. But, there are some people who could […]

Tips for creating ecommerce website The business people need a website for online business, as 60 percent of the business is done online by customers. The habit of visiting shops and purchasing goods is gradually decreasing. People want to sit at home and make all the purchases through online, as they are interested in saving […]

How to run a successful business? We could start a business, when we have money. But, to run a successful business we should be brave and smart. To make the business successful, we should work hard to stabilize the business. It is a consuming and difficult task. Even the experienced people suffer a lot in […]

How to keep steady during a recession in stock market? Keeping steady during a recession in stock market : The economic activity passes through four main stages such as recession, depression, recovery and boom. A decline in gross domestic product growth for two or more consecutive quarters of a year is known as a recession. There is a […]

Commodity market in India The market in which the raw or primary products are exchanged is known as commodity market. The goods are valued in terms of money and price fixed. There are two types of commodity market in India viz., the wholesale market and the retail market. The bog sellers bring the products from […]

Why do we need a finance planner? The business person would be knowing well his business activities only. He may or may not be knowing financial activities. But, the knowledge of finance is very much essential for doing a business successfully. There are professional persons known as financial planners to do the job for us. […]

Hedging strategies Without taking risk, nobody could do any business. The business people should know to minimize risk. The selling off the unwanted risk to somebody who is expert in that field is known as hedging. Through contract between the buyer and the seller the risk is commoditised. The reduction or control of risk involved […]