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Pollution – Is there any solution? Why there is pollution in cities ? The possibility of survival is getting thinner day by day in all cities even though we have seen much development in all the fields. No place is left out and every place is becoming more polluted. Various types of pollution like air pollution, […]

Role of a Public Relations Officer What is meant by public relations? For any organization, to contact with people, public relation is essential. It plays a significant role in the development of an organization. Previously some person would be nominated in a company to look after public relations in addition to normal work. Due to popularity […]

Why Coimbatore is so special? Cotton city : Coimbatore has found an important place among cities having special interest in India. Nobody could forget the taste of Siruvani water and it is often compared with the taste of tender coconut. The Noyyal river has regained its fame once again now. The rapid growth of educational institutes […]


Staycation Hai, what is staycation ? The combination of “stay” and “vacation” is staycation. To have the pleasure of vacation, sitting at home is called staycation. It is a pleasure to travel and visit places. But, at times we may hate to travel and like to sit at home and have the enjoyments. Sometimes our health […]

Walk in interview Walk in interview : Actually the companies conduct interviews before recruiting a person for any post. Nowadays, we hear about the word “Walk in interview”. What is walk in interview? In a walk in interview, the candidates could choose a time on that particular day and visit the company to attend the interview. […]

Why we make and break New Year Resolution? Is New Year Resolution necessary? On the New Year day all people greet each other and enquire, ”What is your New Year Resolution?”. If we reply that we don’t have any resolution they would stare at us as a strange creature. We could say that New Year Resolution […]

Day dreaming Day Dreaming : The elders teach the children to dream about their future. The children start to have dreams. Sometimes the children dream about becoming an engine driver, sometimes a doctor and sometimes a teacher. Everyday their dream will change and when they grow they may forget about the day dream of young age. […]