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Fluorosis The fluoride is essential for bone and teeth development. For protecting dental cavities, the fluoride helps very much. When the fluoride consumption is increased abnormally, the disease known as flourosis is caused. When we inhale fluoride fume or dust, use coal as fuel or drink water containing excessive quantity of fluoride, the flourosis attacks […]

We can get healthy hair without spending a fortune

We can get healthy hair without spending a fortune Everybody wants to have healthy hair but many people fear that they could not spend much. Actually, there is no need to spend much money for health care. With simple items at home and spending a little money, we could maintain hair in good condition. We […]

Yoga therapy What is yoga therapy? We have to keep our body and mind healthy. The yoga therapy is the best way for gaining control over body and mind. Some people think that it is a form of treatment for diseases just like conventional medicines. The main aim of yoga therapy is the enlightenment of the […]

Medicinal values of turmeric Medicinal value of turmeric : In India, turmeric finds a place in the kitchen commonly. In ancient days, even the illiterates were using turmeric as a medicine when somebody fell ill or got hurt. It is popularly known as an antiseptic and it has been included in medicines to increase the healing […]


Aromatherapy Aromatherapy : In aromatherapy we not only bother about smell and we take care of giving relief and healing effect to the mind and body. The aromatherapy oils are made from natural products. The aromatherapy is a way of taking care of health by the use of botanical oils. The essence could be found in […]

Secrets of dyslexia What is meant by dyslexia? In simple words we can say that dyslexia is a learning disability. It is a neurological deficiency of vision or hearing. The children with this disability have the problem with written language. They do reading and writing with much difficulty. This disease has been diagnosed in people of […]

Is health insurance necessary? Is health insurance necessary? Health is an important aspect of our life. We can not do anything we want to do if we are not healthy. Our mind and body should be fit to do our daily works. When somebody in the family fell ill or injured, we may have to spend […]

Amazing health benefits of lemon The lemon originated in Asian countries is being used by all throughout the world. Now, lemons are cultivated world wide. The lemon fruit is juicy with few seeds and is very aromatic. The lemon has sweet acid taste which awakens and refreshes our taste buds. The lemon has got lot […]