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Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect State of confusion :┬áNormally we see lot of butterflies after the rainy season is over. We admire the colour and beauty of butterflies but have we ever thought of the effects caused due to fluttering of wings by butterflies. The term chaos means a state of confusion. The chaos theory describes the position […]

Greenhouse gases The gases present in the atmosphere allowing the sunlight to enter freely down to the earth, are popularly known as greenhouse gases . When the sunlight strikes the surface of the earth, the shorter wavelength solar radiation passes through the atmosphere of the earth, thereby the earth becomes warm. The long wave infrared […]

Something about Cosmology We all live in the universe and it is our duty to know the basic things about the universe. Cosmology is the study of origin, evolution and present status of the universe. We believe that God created universe, sun, moon and stars. As per cosmology, when a big explosion called Bing bang […]

Ecotoxicology The human beings are integral part of environment. If the environment is pollution-free, then only they could live peacefully there. We thought that the chemicals would help us in our activities. To get good and immediate results, we started using chemicals in day to day life. But, the natural environment is getting spoiled by […]