Category: Self-improvement and Philosophy

First deserve, then desire. First deserve, then desire : Everyone has some ambition in life. One gets what he deserves but not he desires. This is the common saying used by many people when something desired by them is not received, in spite of putting much efforts. Everybody wants to come up in life and improve […]

Don’t judge a book by its cover Don’t judge a book by its cover : It is a famous English idiom. We cannot determine the worth of something based on its appearance. We normally form opinion about anything by its physical appearance. We give respect to a person on seeing his dress, behavior and speech. Actually […]

Life is more than living Life is more than living : We cannot find reason for all the things happen in our life. We have to accept them. The science starts everything with a doubt and the spirituality starts everything with a trust. The things which we cannot be proved scientifically, should be accepted spiritually. There […]

Learn to appreciate others : Learn to appreciate others : We feel happy when others appreciate us. Have we appreciate others for anything? By appreciating others , we can have a better life. Nothing is lost by saying some words of appreciation. Others will respect us if we appreciate at the right time. The persons getting […]

Bhagavad Gita – A benchmark for leadership qualities Philosophy of Bhagavat Gita : Life is a journey of self discovery. The subject of a leader and leadership qualities has fascinated mankind. The true leadership is based on fundamental truth, our way of life, the roots of our culture, our heritage and ancient philosophies. The philosophy of […]

Feel beautiful Why some people not feeling beautiful ? Some people feel that they are not fit in this world for survival, when they see young and charming faces in cinema and TV shows. The blossoming faces they see in daily life make them feel bad. Standing in front of the mirror, they sigh and lose […]

Constant occupation prevents temptation Constant occupation prevents temptation. The hard work and sincere efforts fetch what we want. We have to work hard to fulfill our desires. We should not forget the proverbs, “There is no gain without pain and “The mind of an idle man is a devil’s workshop”. We should engage ourselves in […]

Photographic memory Photographic memory : Some people have got the extraordinary talent of recalling images, sounds or objects in memory with extreme accuracy. Eidetic memory is the ability to study an image for 30 seconds and maintain a perfect photographic memory of that image after it has been removed. Only very few people are gifted with […]

Benefits of failure Why we fail : Life is difficult and complicated. It is beyond anybody’s total control. There are no secrets for success. Similarly, there are no secrets for failure too. Even after putting hard work, we may face failure. We need not bother about gossips and criticism. People may be waiting for a chance […]