Content Management System

Content Management System
What is a content management system ? In the olden days, traditional websites were used based on the concept of no or minimum modification, once the final version was rolled out on the servers. In the dynamic environment there is a need for quick content management. The content management system is a computer application used to manage the contents of a website. All the jobs such as creating, capturing, editing, managing, customizing and publishing are done in an organized manner using content management system. The content management application helps the content manager to do the above jobs very easily. Normally, content management system is used for storing, controlling, versioning and publishing documents. The knowledge of a webmaster is not needed for doing these tasks. The content manager or author need not even the HTML to finish the job. The content delivery application helps for compiling the information and used to update the website.
Main features of content management system(CMS) : The content management system identifies key users and assigns roles and responsibilities to them. It has got the ability to track and manage multiple versions of a content. The content management system automatically sets the colour and fonts for a content and we could make modifications, if required. All options are point and click. It works through all browsers and no additional software is required for its operation. The basic features of a content management system is based on web-publishing, format management, revision control, indexing, searching and retrieval of information. Several templates are available for web based publishing and we could choose one as per our choice. The wizards and tools help to create or modify web content as and when required. The format management system is doing the job of converting the documents in any form into HTML or PDF format. The version change could be controlled using a revision control feature. The records regarding the modifications made are tracked by revision control feature. The content management system has got features for indexing all records, searching any record based on keywords and retrieving the concerned record.
Types of content management system : There are three main types of content management system such as enterprise, web and component. The enterprise content management system deals with the management of unstructured information content, with all its diversity of format and location of an enterprise. The web content management system simplifies the procedure of submitting the content and the concerned person need not require any technical knowledge to do the job. A component content management deals with structured content and it is concerned with the contents in documents.
Uses of content management system : The content management system is very useful in business field. It provides tools for on-to-one marketing. The request of one specific user is taken care of in on-to-one marketing. The industries use content management system for managing the creation, edition and publishing of news articles, sales guides, marketing brochures, operator’s manuals and technical manuals. All the documents such as files, images, audio files, video files and electronic documents could be managed well using content management system. Depending upon the size and geographical location of the organization, we could choose the type of content management system. The organization could provide a central location to its employees to provide and access data. The users could build, deploy and maintain content rich websites easily using content management system, without the hassle of having to call a web designer every time. The maintenance cost of the website is reduced. The maintenance and updation could be done by ourselves. Since there is tough competition in the business field, the content management system is welcomed by business people as there is need for them to create, customize and make the content to reach the customer or media immediately.
Content management system for common people : The content management system allows anyone with no or little knowledge in web-designing to do all the jobs related to maintaining the website. Simply a computer connected to internet is enough and there is no requirement of additional client server software. The dashboard, accounting system, modules are very helpful for web designing in the content management system. As the changes are taking place in a rapid speed, there is a need for updating the contents daily and the content management system is an effective tool to do this job. The content management system covers the entire life cycle of the website right from the creation phase, day to day management and updation. Let us make use of the facility of content management system for our website and enjoy the benefits.