How to be a good language learner

How to be a good language learner
The persons interested in making success like to learn many languages. Many people start to learn a new language but give up after some time. Is it difficult to be a good language learner. How to be a good language learner? First of all, we should have the basic interest in learning a new language. We should try to learn some words daily and practice it by reading, writing and speaking in the new language, without fear. We may do mistakes in the beginning. People may laugh at us when we speak wrongly. We should not bother. We should learn to laugh with them and proceed with our activities.
In the beginning we may have starting trouble and since many words are not familiar to us in the new language, we have to make guesses when we are not sure of meaning and usage of some words. Making communication helps us to learn the language quickly. We have to watch when other people talk in that language and we could simply repeat the same sentence or similar sentence to convey our message. We may mix the language known to us and the new language, in the initial period. It is better to learn the language from the basics through a tutor. Then only, we would know the correct spelling and grammar.
When we are going to stay in a new place, it is necessary to learn the regional language of that place. For them, much importance need not be given for writing and grammar. The important dialogues required for day to day life may be memorized and used for some time, unless we get familiar. For some people learning a new language and using it for their work may be important. Those people should learn the grammar and correct usage. They should learn to read, write and speak thoroughly.
If we are successful in learning a foreign language quickly, we could go ahead and learn other languages. The language learning aptitude would increase if we go on learning new languages. The cultural background is also important to be a good language learner. If we become aged, we may not get an interest to learn a new language. The youngsters may become good language learners very soon.
While learning a new language, we should not be dependent on the tutor always. We have to put extra efforts to learn something by ourselves. We have to cultivate the habits of listening, reading, framing new sentences on our own and learning vocabulary. We should go through the course material several times and practice well by reading and writing. We could ask the tutor the specific information required in the new language which would help us for performing our activities. The general activities such as greeting others, feeling sorry, making enquiry, show assent or dissent etc should be learnt first, to be a good language learner.
Nowadays audio or video recorded teaching methods are available. We could listen, play again and again and learn. Listening several times helps us to be good language learners. We should predict and visualize the situation in which the conversation takes place and practice to speak well. We should try to construct our own sentences in the new language and test with our friends who are familiar with that language.
We should fix a time limit to proceed step by step in the process of learning a new language to be a good language learner. It is the normal tendency to think in the native language and translate in the new language. We should change this practice and try to think in the new language, which helps us to learn quickly. We should learn from our mistakes. We have to assess our strengths and start our learning process with a positive approach. We should not give up in the middle. The reading of simple books in the new language makes us confident and gives us the fluency in reading, writing and speaking. Then we could move to learn the gist, idioms and phrases, sentences and paragraphs. Best wishes for becoming a good language learner.