Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning
Lifelong learning : Many people might have missed the opportunity of attending school at their young age and regret later. Some people might have discontinued their studies due to some reasons. Now, in all the countries, facilities are available for learning lifelong. The people interested in studies could have education through correspondence course, e-learning, learning from home and through distance education. The lifelong learning is a boon for the persons having a thirst to learn. Age is not at all a barrier for education.
Reason for learning : In some companies, the employees are permitted to pursue higher education and they have to use their services for the welfare of the company, if the company bears the higher education cost. The company expects that the employee should act dynamically in an agile manner, as per the requirements of the changing situations. Some retired persons like to participate in lifelong learning program to get recreation and interest in life. Some people might have got an aim to get a degree, diploma or certificate and they might have got chance to learn in the middle age or after retirement. The lifelong learning helps to fulfill their desires.
It is important for everybody to update their knowledge often. So, lifelong learning is required for many people to achieve their goal in their life. Due to scientific and technological advancements, it is necessary to develop the knowledge and skills throughout the life. The lifelong learning helps for promoting the acquisition of basic skills. Nowadays, the computer literacy is very much essential for performing any work. So, many people are interested in attending short term or long term certificate/ diploma/degree courses in computer education. The elderly people like to have the knowledge of operating computer and get the basic knowledge about using computer and internet, as they require to use email, to surf internet to get information, to chat and do online shopping/transactions.
Act of learning : The people should strive hard to use the opportunity of lifelong learning. The act of learning is an enjoyment. To have an interest on lifelong learning, we should get the habit of reading. We should read the books on various subjects and learn by reading. We could learn a new language. The discussion with intellectual company is also a form of lifelong learning. While reading, we have to do creative thinking and apply our own ideas. If we get something new in our mind, we could practice to write also. While learning something new, we have to put into practice. After finishing the learning process, we could teach others, by sharing our knowledge. It is also a form of learning and improving. We could do lifelong learning by pursuing education through some organization that teaches skills. If we join in a group, the learning experience would be good. The persons interested in learning should choose a career which gives the opportunity to do lifelong learning. We should list out what are the things to be learnt and try to learn one by one. If we get the habit of learning in the early morning, we could make lifelong learning a wonderful experience. After taking a decision to learn, we should not give up and go back, fearing for comments and criticism.
Education is life : We have to make the lifelong learning a priority in life. Education is life and there is no end for learning. The adult education should be given wide publicity by media and help all the people to get education. Best wishes for Practicing lifelong learning and lead a happy life.