Tips on Quality Writing

Tips on Quality Writing
Hallmark of quality writing : Any piece of the writing should speak about the author. It should be clear and precise. The author should communicate to others through his quality writing. It portrays his character. He should express his ideas neatly and sincerely, so that the readers should feel contentment on reading his articles. The hallmark of quality writing is that the writing should make the reader understand the subject well and he should feel not only about the subject but also about the writer. That is the success of quality writing.
What is quality writing  ? The quality writing means writing accurately the facts and information and the author should show consistent and correctness in his writings. The first line of his writings should create a good impression on the reader. The reader should get interest to read his writings more and more. Whether the author writes article, story, tips or news, he should add some humor to his style of writing. He should follow the subject and there should be continuous link from the starting till end.
Symbol of quality writing : Before writing about a subject, the author should give a deep thought about it. He could refer some points from books or internet. He should not copy anything from anybody’s writings. Everything should be original. The way of narration should be a feast to the reader. That is the symbol of good writing. The introduction should clearly mention the subject. He could write in paragraphs of minimum 3 lines and a maximum of 10 lines. In each paragraph, he should emphasize a point. All the relevant points should be grouped in a paragraph. The flow should be there from paragraph to paragraph. It enhances the quality of writing. The end should create a mood of contentment to the reader. He should summarize the points and give a conclusion.
Essential points in quality writing : The author should give examples to explain his points. The quality writing should be simple and apt to the point. The irrelevant matters should not enter into his writings. While using new words, he has to refer the dictionary or thesaurus and knowing the meaning well, he should use such words appropriately. He could use metaphors and descriptions in his writings. There should not be any spelling mistake or grammar mistake in his writings. He should write in complete sentences only. He should do proofreading and correct his mistakes in writing.
Satisfy the reader : The writer should convince the reader by conveying well what is written and the way in which it is written. The quality writing fulfils the above two points. Sometimes the writings may have go satisfy different types of audience, at a time. So, the subject and way of writing should be understandable to all. If the author is writing for a specific group of people thorough in a subject, his writings should satisfy that group of readers.
Tips on quality writing : The important point in quality writing is that the writings should not hurt anybody in anyway. The author should not degrade anything or anybody in his writings. He should maintain perfect quality and gentle behavior in his writings. The author should be confident and knowledgeable about a subject and the writing should show the proficiency of the author. The quality writing displays the qualities of the author. So, let us follow the above tips strictly and give a quality writing to our audience.