Balancing work and personal life

Balancing work and personal life
Many people want to lead a happy life. They want to spend more time for the family. But they could not quit their jobs. Since they need money and they want to stand on their own legs, they continue in job, however tough it may be. We have to give enough attention to personal life as well as for our career. How to balance work and personal life? When we become tired and unhappy we lose the balance. How to bring back the balance once again?
We should make the working environment more enjoyable. We have to choose the right employer under whom we could work peacefully. We should be ready to do hard work at office. We should be ready to do late sitting for finishing the time bound jobs. The newly married couple may opt for morning shift so that they could spend their evenings with the family. But for some people, it may not be possible and they may have to work in the night shift also. But, when we have job satisfaction and good salary, we should make proper modification in our personal life. The family members should cooperate well with the persons who work in shifts.
Some people may be having regular working hours from morning to evening. In the mornings, they have to finish all the work at home and rush to office in time. In the evening they would be reaching home after making a tiresome journey and immediately, they have to move to kitchen to prepare dinner and attend other household works. In many families, the working women have to take care of children and elders at home. They lead a mechanical life and they have got little time to spare for them. For them balancing work and personal life is really a problem.
Many people get health problems if they fail to balance work and personal life. Due to mental stress, they could not attend their routine works properly. Many times they skip food and sleep. They are worrying always and loosing pleasure in normal life. They definitely need a change in life. The family members should take special care of these people and find out the cause for the depression. If the work at office is tough and they could not manage, they could be advised to seek another job with less burden and quit the old one. The family members should compensate for the money loss due to this arrangement. If they could not leave the job, and it is essential to continue or finding a new job is not at all easy means the family members should share all the household works and relieve them from the worries of the family so that they could concentrate on their office work alone.
It is a common phenomenon that the doctors and nurses have to work on all shifts. The family members should understand them well and give full support. Even though we may spend little time with our family we should make use of the time effectively for doing good things to the family. We have to allot time to relax and go out with our family members. While coming out of the office, we have to leave all the office worries there itself and should not bring it to home. At the same time, the family problems should not affect our office work. The secret of balancing work and personal life lies in our approach only.
Sometimes we may have to give more concentration to office work and we may not be able to attend functions in our friends’ family or attend the family members when they are sick. The friends and family members should not find fault with us for our absence. Doing everything in a perfect manner is impossible for any person. So the negative feelings such as sadness, fear, anger, helplessness and depression should not spoil our mood in family as well as at office. We could discuss freely to our near and dear ones regarding the family problems and with employer and colleagues regarding the office problems. Sharing emotions would help us to solve many problems.
Some people feel that nobody is volunteering to do any help to them. Others may not be aware of our problems. If we express freely, they may come to our rescue. We should not set unrealistic goals and try hard to achieve them. Doing more of anything will not yield good result. By overdoing, we will lose our energy and balance. Balance means adjustment. We should be ready to make adjustments with anybody or anything to achieve success. We should care for our body and mind. We have to take balanced diet and have good sleep. Doing meditation and yoga gives mental strength to balance many things in life. We have to take rest and cultivate some hobbies. Being over disciplined may cause troubles. So, balancing work and personal life is possible if we have positive thoughts in mind.