Best qualities of a bride

Best qualities of a bride
Dream girl : Everybody has got a dream about the would be life partner. Normally, the boys like to have the homely girls as their life partners. The girl should live happily with the boy life long, without any dispute. She should take part in all activities of the family. She comes from a different family but becomes part of the boy’s family. The boy should admire her, love her, accept her and share everything with her.
How a bride should be ? The bride should be patient. She should love everybody and behave kindly with all. She should be humble and should not feel proud about anything. She should not be envious. She should have a polite and gentle behavior. She should not lose temper for anything. She should have the mind to forgive the mistakes of others. Everybody likes when the girl is joyful. She should be loyal and faithful to the husband. She should have self-control and should not feel jealous or greed about anything or anybody. She should be a hard worker and have the mind to extend help voluntarily to the family members. She should have the sense of humour.
Decent look is essential for a girl : Everybody likes the girl with a charming look. The physical appearance of any person could not be changed. But, the girl should present herself in a decent way. Her wearing of dress, the language she uses and the behavior should bring respect on her. She should not hesitate to take any responsibility in the family. She should assist the family members in the house chore. She should attend the members, when they are sick.
The bride should be a cool person : The girl should not be a spendthrift. She should not spend money lavishly. She should deal with money very carefully. She should have regular eating habits. She should take nutritious food. She should have interest in doing physical exercises to keep the body fit. She should be interested in doing meditation and yoga to keep the mind calm and peaceful. She should always be cool.
Matured behavior is essential for a bride : The bride should be trustworthy. She should have the mind to do small sacrifices for the sake of the family members. She should inspire and encourage the husband to come up in life. The girl coming from a family of decent culture and background would definitely be decent. She would be having the qualities of respect, compassion, homely, love and kindness and she could fit herself in the boy’s family.
The personality of a girl : The girl should be well educated and the present day girls like to be financially independent. They like to stand on their own legs by taking a profession. The girl should know well to strike a balance with the personal life and profession. She should give equal importance to both. The girl should have the identity of her own. She should not be called by her husband’s name. The girl should adapt herself to the new situation after marriage. She should learn to fine tune herself to the new life style. She should be ready to compromise and adjust with the family members.
Good luck, for getting a girl with all the best qualities for a bride.