Duties of children

Duties of children
The childhood days are filled with pleasure and passions. The children have some duties to be performed which they have to cultivate from the young age. The parents have got the duties of brining up the child in the right way and teaching all the good things in life. Similarly, the children should understand their responsibility and act with conscious to perform their duties correctly.
Let us see, one by one, the prime duties of children. First, the children should love their parents. Of course, it is natural feeling. But, the children could express the feeing of love in many ways to keep the parents delighted. The parents treated the happiness of the child as their happiness and the sorrow the child as their sorrow. The child should not forget this and in return, show the unconditional love towards the parents.
The children should learn to respect the parents. In some houses, we see that when the children are grown up, just treat the home as a lodge. They won’t see the faces of the parents and talk anything. Even if they come to him for talking, he won’t listen. That is not fair. The parents are equal to God. The child should give respect to his parents and treat them in the right manner.
Next, the children should honor the parents. The child should honour the thoughts, words and behavior of the parents. The behavior of the child should be very polite, while moving with parents. The child should not have the habit of criticizing them for their ignorance, innocence or unawareness. He should understand and teach them what they don’t know.
The children should obey the parents. When they ask the child to do something, he should do it immediately. If they are pleased and bless the child, the child would get all the pleasures in life. He should argue or quarrel with them. If the child feels that he could do a thing in a better way than suggested by his parents, he should try to convince them and accept it. Otherwise, simply obey them is good.
Some children are not happy with the wealth of their parents. All the time they would be regretting for the inability of the parents for not earning more wealth. The child should be content with what the parents have left for him. He could increase the wealth, by his hard work and earn more wealth. He should be happy that his parents have brought up him, to earn a decent livelihood.
When the child is ill, the parents would sit the bedside of the child day and night and look after him. The children should not forget this and they should show the same love and affection when they are ill. In some families, we see that the children would not take care when the parents are ill. Moreover, they won’t have the mind to spend money for them. It is really wrong.
The choice of parents in choosing the right education and job would be helpful for the future of the child. There is nothing wrong in consulting them. In choosing the life partner also, the parents know better than the child, in finding a suitable life partner. The qualities and the family background of the life partner are more important than the outer beauty. The parents judge all the things required for the life correctly, because of the experience they have got.
The children should fulfill the desires of the parents. He should ask them frequently what they need. Sometimes, he may have to understand it by their gestures. The child should be the follower of his parents in all activities. The child should inherit the family values from the parents.