How a groom should be ?

How a groom should be ?
How a groom should be ? The girls receive lot of suggestions and advices at the time of marriage but how many people bother about a groom. A boy at the marriageable age needs some qualities for getting married. The parents of girls should verify well before fixing the marriage. The girl should be very cautious in choosing the life partner.
Decent look is essential for a boy : The girl and her family see the look of the boy. Of course, a decent look is essential and the boy should suit well to the girl. But, some girls dream about cinema heroes and reject all the boys. Some girls fall in love seeing the outer look. For making a good family, the outer look would not help in any way. The boy should have inner beauty. How to see the inner beauty ? It is very simple. The behavior of a person shows his inner beauty.
Status and Background : Next comes the status. The girls’ family is very much bothered about the status of the boy’s family. Here, the wealth the family possesses decides everything. The money, house, jewels and other properties are given much importance. Some girls and her family members are ready to compromise if the boy possesses lot of wealth. The boy’s family background is analyzed by elders in the family. If the family is well known or had reputation, then the girl’s family shows interest in giving the girl to that family.
Education and Profession : Nowadays, the education and job are viewed seriously. Some people like to choose boy/girl from the same career. If a doctor boy marries a doctor girl, she could help him in his job. She could understand well the difficulties in the profession, than others. Some people may like to start a new business suddenly after working for sometime else where. Whatever it is, everything should be clarified before marriage to the girl’s family.
Love and kindness : The most important quality of a boy is he must be caring for others. He should love his family. He should not change his love towards his parents and brothers/sisters after marriage. He should be stable. He should show unconditional love to his life partner. The girl should feel protected by her husband. If the family of the boy ill-treats the girl, he should sort out the issue and solve the problem. He should not keep quiet at that time. He should not pass time or ignore the facts. He should care about the feelings of his wife. He has got full responsibility for everything in his wife’s life after marriage.
Helping tendency : Some boys feel that they should not help their wife in the household works. Both of them may be employed. After finishing the household works, she may have to rush to office. She might be earning good amount of money but should get love and care from her husband. Some boys make all comforts for their wife but they won’t speak well to the wife or care about her. The money won’t give all the pleasures in the life.
Physical and mental fitness : Some boys might have got bad habits. They should leave the bad habits before committing for marriage. The girl should put it as a condition. The physical status of the boy should be good and he should not hide anything from the girl’s family if he has got some illness or deformity. He should practice to have good mental health.
Problem solving capacity : The boy should be able to face any tough situation and solve the problems courageously. He should possess good sense of humour. He should make others happy by his kind words. He should have the maturity to act in an intelligent way and take the right decision. After marriage, he would become the head of the family. He should prepare himself to look after the his wife and children in a good way.
Flexibility and adaptability : We should thoroughly see everything before fixing the marriage. The boy should adapt himself a little to the taste of his wife, without changing his basic qualities. He should give respect to her wish and consult her, while taking decision in the family. So, go ahead and be the groom with the best qualities.