Teach family values to your children

Teach family values to your children
When a child is born, we bring up the child with love and affection. We spend all our time to look after the needs of the child. When the child grows up, we teach him what is good and what is bad. When the child goes to school, we follow up the things taught in school and help the child to shine well in the classroom. We are ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of the child. The mother is ready to quit the job in order for taking care of the child. The father is ready to decline promotion and stay in the same place, in the same post to give proper attention to the child. Have we ever bothered about teaching family values to the child.
The parents should try to teach morals and values to the children at home. Some parents share their experience and suffering in their life with the child so that the child would understand that the parents in spite of their hardships are giving good care. Some people say that whatever they lost in life should be made available to their child. For that, they are ready to do anything. The liking of the child should also be taken into account. The healthy parenting is very much essential. Not only sharing fun, the children should feel free to share everything with the parents. Similarly, the parents need not hide any bad incidents or happenings in the family to the child. The parents should voluntarily talk about the good happenings, achievements and aim in the life.
Due to cultural change, the young children would get affected very easily. We could have an open talk about the dangerous influences of the changing culture. We should begin our talk from the very early stage of the child so that the children would be having the habit of listening. If we start suddenly, they won’t care. We should not make the child to feel bad by exaggerating the happenings in the past. The developing of positive moral values would make the child to understand family values.
The parents should tell the child to call them when he is upset, when is happy and simply call whenever he feels. The parents should not point out the mistakes of the child abruptly. They could guide properly and correct the mistake. The parents and elders in the family could talk about the tradition, customs and beliefs of the family. If we follow strictly, then the child would follow us. If we regularly go to temple to worship God, the child would naturally accompany us. If we are kind and generous to others, the child would inherit our qualities.
Some people say that children are the replica of God. We should feel that we are living with God. They mean to say that the children are pure and unbiased. We should have good manners. If we show much attachment and take interest in his welfare, he would remain in our love belt always. If we teach our family values he would listen, accept and follow. So, the parents should teach the family values to the child in an acceptable way.