What’s your parenting style?

What’s your parenting style?

What is your parenting style ? The parents give warmth and affection to the child. They look after the needs of the child in an accepting and supporting way. The child keeps complete faith on the parents and the parents use love as a tool to teach the right thing and to keep away from the wrong one. The parents show much interest in developing the self-esteem of the child. They allow the child to grow with individualism. The child is ready to negotiate, accept, communicate and put forth the reasons to the parents. Well, what’s your parenting style?

Let the child behave as a child : The parents expect matured behavior from the child, at the young age. They anticipate that the child should act and react with full responsibility. The parents show interest in structuring the behavior of the child. So, an unwanted harsh and strict discipline is enforced on the child by the parents. The child may not behave as per the expectations of the parents. So, a gap comes in between the parents and the child.

Ideas about parenting : The parenting is a complex activity. Some parents adopt the same ideas followed by their parents. Some other people do what their mind says. Some people like to get advice from others or refer books to get ideas about parenting. The parenting style is responsible for the outcome of total image of the child. Diana Baumrind analyzed the concept of parenting style and all the parents come under one or other category. Actually, the parenting style helps for socializing the activities of the child.

Democratic parents : The democratic parents are very lenient. They follow the principle of give and take. They are ready to negotiate with the child. They are very flexible and ready to forgive the mistakes of the child. They won’t give any punishment to the child. They show respect to he feelings of the child. They treat the child at par with them. They believe that they could shape the behavior of the child with love. They give full support to the child. They look after the needs and demands of the child in the best way. In a way, we can say that without bothering about the result, they want to bring up the child in a healthy background.

Authoritarian parents : The authoritarian parents value discipline very much. They want to keep the child under their control. They expect the child to behave in a well disciplined way. They set goals to the child and insist him to achieve it within the time frame. They always supervise the child. They give no or less freedom to the child. They keep on reminding the child to do the work ordered by them. They wish to interfere in all the activities of the child. They won’t give option or choice to the child. They punish the child for not obeying their order. They give importance to insist not to do the wrong things rather than insisting to do the right things.

Permissive parents : The permissive parents do not keep any control in their hands. They won’t set any rules or goals to the child. They give full freedom to the child. The child has to set his own rules and goals, in his life. They won’t teach anything to the child. They won’t expect anything or they do not keep any dream about the future of the child. They never mind the mistakes committed by the child. They just show love to the child. That is all. The child himself has to choose the right thing. They show less involvement in parenting.

Neglectful parenting : The neglectful parenting is another style of parenting. In that, the parents do not care about the child. They simply fulfill the basic needs of the child. They spend their whole time for themselves and give least attention to the child. The parents are unsupportive to the child. The child would not get or expect anything from the parents. The children of such parents easily engage in antisocial behavior, as they are not getting love, affection and care from the parents.

How to treat the children : I feel that instead of following a specific parenting style, the parents should create a loving bond with the child. The child should come up openly to share anything with the parents. The parents should accept the uniqueness of the child. We should treat the child with love, respect and equality. The parents should behave as good friends to the child. If the parents show overindulgent behavior, the child expects everything to come to him and he loses his initiative and interest to work. The over submissive children would not grow well as they are not give any rights to express their views. The parents have to show a psychological approach in bringing up the child. We have to do research on different parenting styles and choose the right one. The child rearing is a great task. We should follow the positive and respectful style of parenting. When the father and mother are not having the identical parenting styles, they should discuss and come to an agreement. Then, they should formulize the way in which the child should be brought up. Whatever way we follow, we should be successful as a good parent.

What’s your parenting style?