Financial Journey

Financial Journey
Everybody knows the importance of money. Money is required for leading our life from birth to death. We should perform the financial journey without any conflict. We have to make plans well in advance, as soon as we start earning. From the young age we should know the value of money and should not spend it unnecessarily. We have to keep goals in our life to earn and save money for our future.
All the family members should take part in the financial journey and have a shared vision for the future. They should sit and discuss the plans, experiences, thoughts, ways to save money and curtail expenditure. We should know to limit our expenses but should not be stingy for spending for the essential needs. There is no use in saving money cutting our basic needs. We have to enjoy everything in life, whatever the money could buy. If we save money in the young age, we could spend the retired life peacefully.
We could practice leading of simple life. It is really a fun also. We could remain simple, in our thought and action. Will gorgeous things and costly items give long lasting pleasure to us. If we have contentment with what we have already, we could save money for the future. In the future anything may happen. We may not be able to work or we may have some medical problems. We have to be cautious in thinking about the future needs.
If there is a possibility for earning extra money, we should not leave the chance. We should be ready to sacrifice our leisure time for earning more money. We should not hesitate to work hard to earn more money. We should develop positive thoughts in mind and try to approach anything with a smile. When the result is negative we have to accept the fate. We should outlet the emotions of anger, sorrow and unhappiness to our dear ones and ease our feelings. We should not carry forward the same feelings for another day or to another person. If one approach ends in failure after putting much efforts, we should take it as a lesson and mend our mind to be careful in future. It is just a speed breaker in our financial journey. The speed breaker helps to control our journey and not to stop our journey.
We should not bother about the people who are richer than us or ignore the people who are poorer than us. It is a stage in life. That’s all. We should teach our children to spend money cautiously. We should share all the money dealings of the family to the children. The children should know the details of our assets and liabilities.
We should take the help of the financial planners if we are not thorough in planning. He will advice us to make investment in share market, mutual fund, real estate and insurance. We may require money for the education and marriage of our children and medical expenses of the family members. For sometime we should take steps to grow the money we have and after some years the money should grow by itself and yield more money. We should plan in such a way to achieve this goal.
In India the housewives used to save money without the notice of others, which they would spend for an emergency need in the family. If we get a hike in salary, it doesn’t mean that we could spend more; we have to save more. That is the indication. We could sell the unwanted things at home and get some money, because if we keep the things for a long time, the value may come down. Some people save a percentage of their income every month. That ‘s also good. The financial security is very much important for everybody and they should not depend on others at any cost. We should not go for loan as for as possible, as the interest we pay will be much more. We should have the mind to help the poor people whenever we get a chance. Just like medical check up for the body, the financial check up is necessary for a happy life. So, gear up and start well the financial journey.