Pollution – Is there any solution ?

Pollution – Is there any solution?
Why there is pollution in cities ? The possibility of survival is getting thinner day by day in all cities even though we have seen much development in all the fields. No place is left out and every place is becoming more polluted. Various types of pollution like air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution have encroached into the life of common people taking away their health and wealth. Due to industrialization, the pollution has increased a lot. The machines have simplified the job of man but we have to pay a huge price for it. We have to leave a pure world to our future generation. Every one of us should strive hard to wipe out pollution from the world.
What should we do to wipe out pollution ? We should create awareness among common people to make the earth free from pollution. First of all, we should keep our home clean and fight against pollution in every walks of life. We should keep our drainage system clean. We can plant trees wherever possible to get pure air. The emission of smoke and gases should be controlled. Next we could divert our attention to the society. We should follow all the steps in an effective manner to control pollution by involving in group activities. We see people dumping garbage like plastic, paper, furniture and household items into streams, lakes, rivers and oceans. We should go in groups to educate them and stop this practice.
Types of pollution and their effect in our daily life: The first one is noise pollution. The excess noise passing through the ears affects our nervous system. The body stress caused may bring many diseases. So, we should keep away from noise pollution. By doing breathing exercise, yoga and meditation, our mind and body will relax. Due to increasing population, even drinking water is getting polluted. The water pollution is the major tragedy we see in the world. The water pollutants are dangerous to all forms of marine life. When the contaminated water seeps into the ground, people get sick. The waterborne diseases occur when parasites and other disease-causing micro-organisms enter into water. The oil spilled in the sea spoils the beauty of nature. The chemical contents kill birds and animals. The sulfur oxides produced due to burning oil and coal causes air pollution. The air pollution causes cough, burning eye and breathing problems. The pollution has harmful biological effects also. Due to pollution there is a threat for our food and vegetation. The chemicals and pesticides we use can damage crops. The acid rain makes chemical emissions causing damage to human beings, nature, property, wildlife, water resources, forests and agricultural lands. When the dirt and silt settle in the water body they enter, they prevent sunlight entering into water, spoiling the life of aquatic plants and animals.
Solution for pollution : The young children and elderly people suffer very much due to noise and air pollutions. We should educate the common people to make less noise and to keep the air free from pollution. The short term and long term health problems due to air and water pollution should be taught to children from the school level. All the types of pollution have an impact on the living environment of the mankind and animals. Every individual in the society has got moral responsibility to drive out pollution from our world. If everybody tries to fight against pollution at home and in the outside world, definitely there will be a change. Our ancestors presented us the world free from pollution. Due to advancement in every walk of life and due to negligence we have spoiled it and allowed pollution to enter our earth. It is the duty of everyone to purify and hand over a clean world to the future generation.