Something about Cosmology

Something about Cosmology
We all live in the universe and it is our duty to know the basic things about the universe. Cosmology is the study of origin, evolution and present status of the universe. We believe that God created universe, sun, moon and stars. As per cosmology, when a big explosion called Bing bang happened, the stars and galaxies were formed. The scientists are continuing their research to make clear everything. Cosmology is an interesting subject not only for scientists and students but for a common man also. The science, philosophy and religion help mankind to study about the origin of universe and cosmology.
The scientist Darwin believed that the evolution of life in the universe is a slow process and it took many years. The Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity provides a set of equations which clears that a universe could arise out of nothing. The Bing Bang theory states that there is no super natural power who formed the universe and it is a natural phenomenon. The physicist John Polkinghorn believed that there is an intelligent force behind the formation of universe. The scientists Stephen Hawking and Davies hoped to bring the entire universe under one mathematical umbrella.
Cosmology is not just a myth. As per Aristotle, Earth was the centre of the Universe and it decides the motion of other things. The earth has got linear and finite motion. The planets and stars were formed of ether. The objects in the earth were formed of earth, air, fire and water. The view of Aristotle about the formation and existence is different from the present day cosmologists.
Copernicus talked about sun-centered concepts of universe. Kepler’ laws of planetary motion clear the path of wanderers across the sky. As per first law of Kepler, all the planets orbit around the sun in elliptical path, the second law states that equal distance is covered in equal intervals of time by planets in the above process and the third law very clearly states that the square of the orbital period in years is equal to the cube of the length of the semi major axis of the orbit. The Kepler’s laws helped scientists to make more research on this matter in the field of cosmology.
Galileo was a very good observer and he used the telescope for the scientific research. He found that the milky way was not a solid band of light and myriad stars filled the milky way. Galelio discovered the satellite of Jupiter called as Galileon moon. The earth is also rotating but we are not feeling the motion. Issac Newton expressed his opinion about the fundamental laws of physics and the gravition which is responsible for the condition of universe. This concept helped to solve many mysteries in the field of cosmology.
It is said that our solar system has been formed about 4.5 billion years ago. The scientists estimated the age of universe as 15 billion years, even though there is a conflict of opinion among them. Based on theories and hypotheses the predictions are made about the origin, evolution and status of universe. A purely academic interest was shown my many people, whether the universe was eternal and remain unchanging for years together. Whenever we find time we should go through about cosmology and know the details of latest development in this field.