First deserve, then desire

First deserve, then desire.
First deserve, then desire : Everyone has some ambition in life. One gets what he deserves but not he desires. This is the common saying used by many people when something desired by them is not received, in spite of putting much efforts. Everybody wants to come up in life and improve their status. But, all of them do not get all they desire. We should have noble and sublime desires. We should strive hard with patience, self-effort and enthusiasm. These qualities fulfill our desires and make us deserve. Nothing in this world is impossible. We should put sincere efforts to attain our desires. We should qualify ourselves to deserve for anything we desire.
Set the goal : If we have a spark of desire in our mind for a noble thought, nothing could stop us from deserving for it. In school days, we have studied that where there is a will, there is a way. If the goal is worth, our sincere efforts will never fail. There may be obstacles and difficulties in our path but ultimately we will achieve our goal, if we deserve.
Maintain your deservement : Some people get placement in good jobs at a young age with high salary. The employer expects that the employee should perform his duties perfectly from day one. The concerned person should take the responsibility and develop skill to perform any critical job given, however tough it may be. The information about anything may be received from others but the wisdom should be got from our own knowledge. The employees should involve in self-development activities by reading, learning through internet and getting advice from professional peers.
Wait until you get what you need : We deserve something, when we work for it. We should have the quality of detachment to the thing until our desire reaches the stage of fulfillment. In the dynamic and competitive environment, there are no short cut methods to get success. Sometimes we may get the result immediately. Sometimes it may take a long time. We have to wait for the golden moment. Having started the work we desire for, we should be ready to face the challenges.
Wish for good things : We may wish to have health, wealth, fame, power or happiness. Just wishing to get success is not enough. We should cultivate the habit of following the desire for becoming eligible. Our worth, ability and hard work turn the desire into success. Some people simply dream for desires and say, “Grapes are sour”. When we truly commit to our goals and crave with heart and soul to fulfill it, our dreams would come true.
Vibrate with positive attitude : We should have clear goals to achieve. There should not be any confusion. When we vibrate with positive attitude with full energy, the circumstances would also vibrate at the same level, bringing success. Our physical fitness and mental peace also decide our success. By taking balanced food and doing exercise/yoga, we could keep ourselves fit to win. We should have hobbies and fun loving activities, to cheer up our mind. We should help others and deserve to get help from others. We should visualize the situation of enjoying the successful moments. Through it, we get more energy to act briskly.
Make yourself fit for your desires : We should always remember the things we achieved in our life. The positive thoughts provoke us to get more success. We should be thankful to those helped us to get success. We should have good ambitions and desires. Our desires if become true, should give happiness to us and others. We should not get the desire of doing harm to anybody. We should eradicate such desires from our mind. Our mind should be clean and filled with the thoughts of being good and acting good to others.
Best wishes for making all your desires as success, by deserving for it.