The craze for cricket in India

The craze for cricket in India

The craze for cricket in India : The Indians of all age groups have got the craze for cricket. The boys studying in school or college definitely take interest in playing the cricket game at least once. The elders also devote time to see the cricket match in person or in TV in the midst of their busy routines.

Is the craze of cricket justified ? At the time of cricket match between India and Pakistan, the people show much aggression. The fans show feeling as if a battle is taking place between the two teams. After the victory of world cup match in 1983, many common people in India started showing interest in cricket. After many years, we recall the moments of glorious victory and feel proud even now. But, is the craze of cricket justified. What about other games? The national game of India is hockey but it is being played by very few people only.

Why people become mad on cricket ? The office goers never bother to watch cricket match on TV by taking leave and sticking to the chair in the drawing room. They may not be able to take leave when somebody in the family is sick or for some important family functions. Some people would be swarming near the cricket stadium when they didn’t get ticket to get in. The traffic condition near the stadium is thrown out of gear when India plays the match. When the game is put off due to bad weather, everybody would start to pray but have they ever bothered to pray for the welfare of their near and dear ones.

Unity among Indians : The fans would roam in the streets to hear the commentary or have a glimpse of the cricket match on TV. There are innumerable discussions and arguments taking place at every nook and corner in the country about cricket. Everybody starts to give expert comments about the captains and the play of other players as if they know everything. All the Indians would stand united in praying for the victory of India irrespective of the difference in age, caste, position and status. The Indians have got the passion to worship the players if they play well in the match. They are role models for youngsters and they motivate the younger generation. The cricket player becomes national hero within minutes. The performance of one player can change the fate of the game.

Show interest in other games : In the year 1982, India hosted the Asian games. The modern sports facilities were arranged in New Delhi. We could develop such facilities in many parts of the country and encourage all sport events. But, our performance in Olympic, Asian and other sport events needs improvement. The players those who are participating need encouragement and support. The recent victory in Olympic has given hopes in the minds of people and we got the courage to say that we could prove ourselves in other sport events also. The TV channels and big companies could popularize all the sports events. The big corporate companies should come forward to post other sports players as their brand ambassadors.

Spirit of the game should be maintained : We have got talented persons qualified in various sport events in national and international levels. Are we encouraging those hardworking and spirited players? The cricket players are paid well, whether they play well or not. The cricket fans are not getting any benefit by watching this game. It is just like other games and we should show that much interest only. The spirit of the game should be maintained. The incidents of match fixing actually give pain to us and are we fools to watch such games, by wasting our time, energy and money?

We wish that India should take part in all the sport events enthusiastically and our players should get due recognition. It is high time for us to start focusing on all sport events equally.