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Teleselling What is meant by teleselling? Many innovative methods are introduced in marketing and sales. We could use the telephone as an interactive medium for effective promotion of sales. That is known as teleselling. The person in this profession should know well to act properly to become successful teleseller. What is the duty of a teleseller […]

First deserve, then desire. First deserve, then desire : Everyone has some ambition in life. One gets what he deserves but not he desires. This is the common saying used by many people when something desired by them is not received, in spite of putting much efforts. Everybody wants to come up in life and improve […]

Why we make and break New Year Resolution? Is New Year Resolution necessary? On the New Year day all people greet each other and enquire, ”What is your New Year Resolution?”. If we reply that we don’t have any resolution they would stare at us as a strange creature. We could say that New Year Resolution […]

Academic bulimia Academic bulimia : Some people are interested in swallowing the information while studying, before entering the examination hall. They are not bothered about their health condition. They sit for hours together and mug up the whole thing in the book. They won’t move well with friends and family members. This disorder in studying is […]