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First deserve, then desire. First deserve, then desire : Everyone has some ambition in life. One gets what he deserves but not he desires. This is the common saying used by many people when something desired by them is not received, in spite of putting much efforts. Everybody wants to come up in life and improve […]

How to run a successful business? We could start a business, when we have money. But, to run a successful business we should be brave and smart. To make the business successful, we should work hard to stabilize the business. It is a consuming and difficult task. Even the experienced people suffer a lot in […]

Constant occupation prevents temptation Constant occupation prevents temptation. The hard work and sincere efforts fetch what we want. We have to work hard to fulfill our desires. We should not forget the proverbs, “There is no gain without pain and “The mind of an idle man is a devil’s workshop”. We should engage ourselves in […]

Benefits of failure Why we fail : Life is difficult and complicated. It is beyond anybody’s total control. There are no secrets for success. Similarly, there are no secrets for failure too. Even after putting hard work, we may face failure. We need not bother about gossips and criticism. People may be waiting for a chance […]