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Teleselling What is meant by teleselling? Many innovative methods are introduced in marketing and sales. We could use the telephone as an interactive medium for effective promotion of sales. That is known as teleselling. The person in this profession should know well to act properly to become successful teleseller. What is the duty of a teleseller […]

Life is more than living Life is more than living : We cannot find reason for all the things happen in our life. We have to accept them. The science starts everything with a doubt and the spirituality starts everything with a trust. The things which we cannot be proved scientifically, should be accepted spiritually. There […]

Why we make and break New Year Resolution? Is New Year Resolution necessary? On the New Year day all people greet each other and enquire, ”What is your New Year Resolution?”. If we reply that we don’t have any resolution they would stare at us as a strange creature. We could say that New Year Resolution […]